May 7, 2018


Potrerillos, Honduras (Morelos Ward)


Elder Pututau

Adventures in San Pedro Sula

Hola a todos espero que haya sido una buena semana para ustedes. Esta semana fue mucha mejor que la semana pasada. Todavía hay problemas pero ya está mejorando y tuvimos algunas experiencas espirituales esta semana. So this week was a lot better. We had some cool experiences this week including the opportunity to go to San Pedro Sula (the big city in my mission) twice! But to start off I want to talk about some funny things down here in Honduras.

1. Now a lot of the times when people see me they yell "Donald Trump!" and I think it´s just because I´m a gringo lol. We´ve also met a few deported people and they complain to us about Donald Trump and we don´t really know what to say haha it´s really pretty awkward.
2. Girls down here have a thing with dying their hair red. I mean like really, really red. I'm not sure why red is the color all the girls like down here but it's super common.

So this week we focused more on our investigators and we're seeing some progress and so let's talk about them.

Felix Gámez: Felix has been really progressing. He wants to get baptized and he's been reading in the Book of Mormon. This week we taught him the Word of Wisdom and he committed to stop drinking and smoking so we're hoping he can rely on our Savior to stop these addictions. Keep him in your prayers. He came to Church this week which was awesome!

Juan Carlos: We didn´t have the chance to meet with him this week because he's been working but he came to church again which was awesome. We're going to try to meet with him this week.

Ingris Herrera: She is a mom of three kids and really seemed interested when we taught her the Restoration of the Gospel. We had two appointments with her that fell through this week so we didn't meet with her but we're going to meet with her tomorrow.

Dariela: She still hasn't recieved an answer to her prayer and it's been hard with her. But we're starting to focus on her mom because her mom is interested in coming to church.

Nelson: We still haven't met with Nelson. He has been swamped with school and he doesn't have a phone so we haven't been able to set up an appointment with him which has been frustrating.

Mercedes and the Families in Los Potrerillos: So this is a part of our area that is farther away than the Icotea and we go there every Wednesday now to visit the people over there. There are a lot of people over there that are ready to hear the gospel and this week we're going to go with the four other missionaries in our district to find and visit people in the area this Wednesday. There's a lot of people over there and we're thinking of possibly setting up something to have a sacrament meeting out there in their area. Mercedes is one of the people out there who is progressing and is interested so we're going to see how that goes!

Hoping we see even more progress this week with investigators. We had a really cool experience this week and I want to talk about it a bit more in length. So the last bishop of our Ward or "Obispo Piñeda" as we call him got super sick and went to the hopsital in San Pedro Sula about a week and a half ago. It's been really sad because this guy is super cool and super righteous and just an awesome member in our ward. But during this last week and a half only our ward mission leader visited him to give him a blessing. We couldn't visit him because it's way outside of our area. On Saturday we decided to visit his wife to share a message with her to comfort her in this time of trial. We shared D&C 58:2-4 with her and it was really spiritual. Afterwards we asked her if there was anything we could do to help her and she replied "Please visit my husband". He is really sad and discouraged right now and could use a visit from you guys. We felt bad because we're not allowed to leave our area. At first we responded that we couldn't but then we decided to ask permission from our leaders. In the end, we recieved permission from our Mission President (Presidente Bush) and we had the amazing opportunity to visit him yesterday in San Pedro Sula. We went with our ward mission leader Hermano Eluterio and we blessed and gave him the Sacrament along with his family. We then gave him a blessing of comfort and I had the opportunity to give the blessing. I could feel the Lord speaking to him through me and I felt a small part of the great love that Heavenly Father has for all of his children. Afterwards, we sung Obispo Piñeda's favorite hymn, "Lord I Would Follow Thee" or in Spanish "Señor Yo Te Seguiré" and then we shared a message about faith and trusting in Heavenly Father's will and plan for each and every one of us. It was a really special and spiritual moment to share with Obispo Piñeda and his family there in the hospital. We're really hoping that things get better with him soon. He's suffering from a possibly fatal illness and so we're really hoping he recovers. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Another spiritual experience we had was on the way back from the Icotea (the mountain) on Friday. After a long hike down the mountain we ran into one of Elder Pututau's old investigators Mina. We asked her how she was doing and she told us that her husband was in Chemo in the hospital for his cancer. She was a former investigator but she didn't progress a lot because she was super Catholic. She also had some problems with the doctrine of our church. When Elder Pututau invited her to come to church this Sunday, she responded saying, "I want to be baptized in your church!" We were so surprised! It was such a miracle to see the Lord guiding this women to have a desire to get baptized after much doubt and confusion. She and her sick husband even made it to church on Sunday which was awesome. We're going to try to start teaching her which should be great.

We also got to go to San Pedro Sula today for P-day to get some souvenirs. Elder Pututau only has 9 days left in the mission so he bought a lot of stuff including a really nice hammock. I bought a little machete which is pretty cool lol. San Pedro Sula is so fast and crazy!

I've gotta wrap it up because my time is up but I just want to testify about the Jesus Christ's sacrifice for us. He paid a price He didn't owe for a debt we could never repay. We are eternally indebted unto him. In Mosiah 4:6-8 it talks about the atonement of Jesus Christ and how necessary it is for salvation. Please remember His Atoning Sacrifice and come unto Him and be reconciled unto Him through repentance. Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Ludlow


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