April 16, 2018


Potrerillos, Honduras (Morelos Ward)


Elder Pututau

Es Raro

Buenas! Cómo Estámos?! Este semana fue bueno y bueno, ayer fue malo pero aparte de eso la semana fue buena. De modo, espero que tuvieron una buena semana ustedes. Y sí para contestar la pregunta: sí todavía hace calor jaja. But ya this week went pretty well apart from yesterday but I'll explain yesterday a bit more later. This week was pretty interesting. First off I'll talk about Tuesday of this last week which was really strange.

So last Monday night we got a phone call that one of the companionships in our zone was having emergency transfers. One elder went to the Mission Home in San Pedro Sula and the other elder came to our city of Potrerillos to stay with the Zone Leaders. That same day we were notified that my companion Elder Pututau and some other missionaries like Elder Burt (my last companion) had to go to San Pedro Sula as well to renew their residency cards. So they left on Tuesday morning and Elder Burt's brand new companion or "son" as we say in the mission stayed with me in Morelos for about half the day while we waited for our companions to come back. Elder Burt's companion is technically my "brother" since we were both trained by the same missionary lol. His name is Elder Ortiz and he's from Mexico. He is a cool guy and I got to know him which was cool. We got to talk about Mochito (my last area) and everything going on there which was really cool. When Elder Burt came back and picked him up, Elder Pututau and I had to turn right around on go on exchanges with our zone leaders. The day was totally crazy with all of the travel and transfers. I was in a trio with my zone leader and the other elder who's companion had the emergency transfer. It was all kind of crazy but all in all it worked out and we taught some good lessons while on exchanges and I learned a lot from my leaders about how I can improve as a missionary.

Now I want to give you an update from my last area of Mochito because the news came in......Betzy was baptized and confirmed! It's so amazing to see how prepared she was by the Lord and to hear that she has made this covenant with the Lord. The crazy thing is that right after being confirmed, she received a calling in the church! She is going to be the teacher of Gospel Principles which is the class for investigators! Just crazy! But I know she'll do great and I am just so happy that she has come to a knowledge of the truth and the joy it has brought to her life. So that was amazing!

This week we worked hard with our ward mission leader to find less active members and families and also new people to teach. He is super helpful and amazing and has been quite the blessing to us in this work. We actually had a spiritual experience with him the other day. As we were walking he told us that he had the impression to visit this one less active member in our ward and so we went with him to the house of this member named Ángela. When we arrived at her house she just was so happy and told us that she had needed someone to visit her. She has diabetes and it's been really hard on her lately and she has been depressed about a lot of things and because of this hasn't come to church the last few Sundays. We talked to her about God's comfort in our trials and that she can trust in him and he will make her burdens light. We also told her that we would stop by whenever she needed us and now she's going to give us lunch on Saturdays so that we can visit her weekly. We gave her a priesthood blessing and it was a very spiritual experience which was awesome. I was very thankful for the inspiration of my ward mission leader to visit her and how he was sensitive to the promptings of the spirit, it was perfect.

Now we can talk about Sunday, which was a really rough day for us. We have been dealing with a problem with the people who live in the Icotea. The Icotea is the small settlement of people that live at the top of the mountain next to the city of Potrerillos. These are the folks that have to hike a total of 5 hours every Sunday (round trip) to get to church. Here is the issue. The people usually hike two hours down the mountain and then catch a free bus which will bring them the rest of the way into the city of Potrerillos to go to church. Two weeks ago these people came down to watch general conference at the church. The bus arrived to bring them to Potrerillos. Unfortunately, after conference was over the free bus to take them back to where the bottom of the mountain is never arrived. So they had to pay to take a moto-taxi to get back and they literally have almost no money. This was a real burden for them. Because of this incident they were upset. Elder Pututau and I went to the bus depot to make sure that the bus would be available for the following Sunday and everything was good. But then last Sunday they decided not to come down the mountain at all because they didn't have faith that the bus would come. So this last Saturday we hiked to the top of the mountain again to talk to these members and investigators. We actually brought the Relief Society President with us. We spent some time talking with these people and promising them that the bus would arrive on Sunday to take them to Church. They all decided to come to church the next day and everything was good, or se we thought. On Sunday morning (yesterday morning), they came down the mountain to go to church and the bus once again didn't come due to an internal miscommunication with the transportation company. I don't think it was anyone's fault but it was a mistake and now the people from the Icotea are super upset and disenchanted with the idea of coming to church. We're a little stressed about the situation with them over there. There are three families that come to church from the mountain and one of them are our investigators so we're really praying and hoping that things will work out with them. Despite all our efforts things were not going well. Then we went to Sacrament meeting and although we made a huge effort to call all of our investigators and offer to pick them up to go to church none of them came. There were a few who said they would come when we called them but they didn't come either so that was a bummer. Then the climax of our bad day haha: the first counselor of the bishopric gets up and says that the missionaries are going to give talks on missionary work...oh snap. We have the opportunity to speak the third Sunday of every month but we have been so busy that we totally forgot that yesterday was the third Sunday. So we had to get up and speak without any preparation at all but it went alright. But it was just kind of funny to me that we had to speak because it kind of topped off the whole bad day. Here is the thing though, I know that Satan is just working hard to discourage us but we're not gonna let it happen. I know that trials and obstacles are placed in our way but that if we trust in the Lord, all things are possible and that he will help us through it. I am praying and hoping that things work out with the people in the Icotea, please keep them in your prayers.

And now to finish I just want to talk about something I studied this week and absolutely loved. Sometimes I am self-critical of myself and I'm hard on myself when I make mistakes and slip up. But the other day I was reading Elder Holland's talk from last November's conference titled "Be Ye Therefore Perfect...Eventually" I really love this talk. He talks about how we are all striving for perfection but that perfection isn't something that we will achieve in this life. He said something that I really like and this isn't an exact quote but he said that we can not only apply the Atonement to sin but also to our own self criticism. Sometimes we're trying to be the best we can be and it just doesn't feel like enough and when we slip up on the path we punish ourselves and think "why can't i just not mess up" but the truth is that we will mess up and we will fall down but as long as we are continually trying to be better and striving to be more like Jesus Christ, his grace makes the difference. I know that I'm not perfect but I rejoice in the fact that Jesus Christ is. He is perfect and because he is perfect he can help me to become more like him each day. I know that He lives, that he is my Savior, and that He is perfect. I testify that as we strive to be the best we can we don't need to criticize our selves but trust in Him because He is Perfect. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I'm want to apologize to everyone who wrote me this week.
We got home really late from a zone activity today so I only had enough time to write this letter and a quick note to my parents. I will try to write you all back next week. I love you all and have a great week!

Cheque pues

Elder Ludlow


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