March 12, 2018


Las Vegas, Honduras (Mochito Ward)


Elder Burt

Marcha Adelante

Hola a todos! Esta semana fue un poco difícil. Tuvimos desafíos pero estamos confiando en el Señor. So ya this week was a little bit rough. We had a lot of challenges with investigators and dates falling through which was hard. We also had some good experiences though. First, a few fun things about Honduras.

1. Chickens are everywhere. They fly up onto the trees and onto the tops of roofs. We were in a lesson the other day and all of the sudden there was this huge banging sound on the metal roof. It was so loud that me and my companion both jumped out of our seats. The investigator was like "no big deal it is just the rooster hitting the roof" lol.
2. There are lots of big bugs, and I really don´t like them haha. We saw a spider the other day at a members house about the size of my fist. Crazy!
During a lesson the other day I had about three giant cockroaches jump on me! I´ll be honest, I kind of freaked out haha.
3. Everyone down here thinks we are way older than we are. Every time someone asks us how old we are Elder Burt responds with "how old do you think" and then they guess usually around 25 or 26. They are always super surprised to hear that I´m 19 and
Elder Burt is 20. I think its hilarious when they guess our age.

Now to talk about our investigators this week and their challenges.

Gabi Perez... We found out this week that Gabi has Leukemia. We didn´t know about it until this week but apparently she´s had it for a while. We gave her a priesthood blessing last night and we´re trusting in the Lord. Please keep her in your prayers. She is still scheduled to be baptized this Friday, March 16 which should go through.

Gerson Bañegas.... He hasn´t been keeping his commitments which has been hard and we haven´t been able to talk to him this week. We will probably have to change his baptism until next weekend which is a bit frustrating. He has stopped drinking coffee though!

Elio Castellanos.... Rough week with Elio. We finished teaching him all the lessons and we felt the Spirit so strongly when we invited him to be baptized and talked to him about baptism. Unfortunately, he doesn´t feel ready yet to be baptized on the 17th of March. He hasn´t recieved an answer to his prayer yet about being baptized. He missed church yesterday and he's just feeling down. He did a fast with us yesterday and we´re going to follow up with him tonight to see how he´s feeling about baptism but please keep him in your prayers.

Becksy Flores... Everything is actually going good with Becksy. We just taught her about the Law of Chastity which she accepted which was awesome. The only challenge with her is that she can´t come to church every Sunday because some weekends she leaves to help her uncle. Her parents left her when she was little and her uncle was the one to help her leave an orphanage to live with her grandma so now she visits her uncle on the weekends to help him out. So it's hard because she is doing a good thing on Sunday but it also makes it so she can´t come to church. Her baptismal date fell through because she missed church this week.

Vanessa and Amy and Amilger..... We´re making some progress with Vanessa and Amilger! The ward was super helpful and donated a lot of money to help them get started on paying for the papers for marriage. Today they went and started the paperwork so we´re seeing progress. Vanessa and her daughter are still scheduled to get baptized the 31st.

So a bit of a challenging week but we´re trying to trust in the Lord. Have faith in him and he will guide you. Anyways I´m out of time this week but have a great week everyone!

Elder Ludlow


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