March 5, 2018


Las Vegas, Honduras (Mochito Ward)


Elder Burt

Déme la patita!

Hola a todos que tal? Bien, bien que bueno. Tuve una semana bien macizo y estamos trabajando bien duro aquí en Barrio Mochito. Tambíen estamos viendo éxito en la obra que también es macizo. Todo cheque. Entonces voy a empezar a escribir en ingles. Hey everyone I hope you all had a great week! This week was awesome and we´re working hard and seeing the Lords hand in the work which is awesome. This week consisted of playing soccer with our zone, holding a parrot on my finger, and crazy stories with investigators. But to start off a few fun facts from Honduras.

Fun facts:
1. Everyone owns a pair of crocs. Like the shoe. I don´t know why but everyone, and this isn´t a joke, everyone owns these shoes haha.
2. School down here is way different. Every school down here requires uniforms and what's weird is that people go to school at different times. There´s three different times you can go. You can go at like 8 in the morning, 12 noon, or at like 3 in the afternoon. It´s so weird and different. And everyone goes to school for about 6 hours. But it makes it hard to set up appointments with youth haha.
3. There is no such thing as a speed limit down here or really traffic laws in general. People kind of just drive how they want to haha.
4. People think that it is hilarious to speak English. People will pass by us and say "good morning" and then just bust up laughing. Its kind of strange but funny.
5. Almost know one gives a solid hand shake down here. They usually just stick out there hand and don´t make any attempt to grip or shake your hand which is weird for me haha. I don´t like it.
6. "Papi" or "Papa" Some of the people call people by these terms and when one of the members used it with me it kind of caught me off guard haha. She owns a pulperilla (those little shops that sell all kinds of snacks) and when we came to buy something she said "Dígame papi" or "tell me papi" I thought it was hilarious to hear people use this term.
7. One of the common pets down here is the "loro" or the parrot.

Cool experiences from this week: We got to play soccer today with the rest of the missionaries in the Potrerillos zone in Rio Lindo which was super fun. We also had the opportunity last P day to make pizzas which were super good. I will attach pictures of the pizza. One of our investigators owns a pet parrot. Most of the parrots down here are mean and just bite people when you try to hold it. But this one was super chill and just hopped on our fingers when we gave the command "Deme la patita!" which means kind of like "Give me your foot" It was super cool to hold a pretty good sized parrot and have it be super chill. I will attach a pic of this as well.

Next about our investigators this week. We have 6 investigators right now with a baptismal date and we're really hoping that all goes well with them. I wanted to share a little about each one of our investigators and update you on their progress.

Gabi Pérez- She is 12 years old and has a great desire to get baptized. Her mom is inactive but we are currently reactivating her family and working with her dad as well. Her brother Marciel will be getting baptized with her as well but he will just be counted as a ward baptism. She comes from a very poor family but she has an amazing brightness in her and she is really awesome. She is set to get baptized the 16th of March!

Gerson Bañegas- He is 14 years old and has actually been coming to church for a long time. When we got to the area though he had been visiting his grandma in the neighboring city of Santa Bárbara and didn´t get back until a few weeks ago. He loves to play soccer and hang out with the youth in our ward. He is super super shy and hardly talks but he is gradually talking more and more with us which is good. He is really good friends with all of the young men in the ward and for some reason they all call him "el gato" or "the cat" and I´m not sure why haha. He is set to get baptized the 17th of March!

Becksy Flores- She is 19 years old and we found her out in the street one day cleaning out the gutter in front of her house and we offered to help her. We then helped her for about 30 minutes and then she invited us in to share a message with her. Since then she´s been progressing! She came to church yesterday and said that she liked it but had some questions which is awesome! This last week we had an appointment with her and she had to leave a bit early but her grandma was there and the grandma told us that Becksy had told her that she didn´t think it was a coincidence that we offered to help her out and started teaching her. It is so amazing to see the Lord prepare these people to receive the gospel. We're really hoping she continues to progress and be baptized. She is set to get baptized the 24th of March!

Vanessa Ortiz and her daughter Amy- She is about 30 years old and she lives with her boyfriend and three kids named Amy, Andy, and Eboni. Amy is 9 years old and will be baptized with her mom. Vanessa has an amazing desire to get baptized and this last week she quit coffee! I know the Lord helped her and gave her the strength to do it. He really does answer prayers and help us to keep the commandments. And now today she told us she is going to go to the municipalidad (like the city building or offices) to start the process of obtaining papers to get married. It´s a difficult and expensive process but she has such a desire to get baptized. Her husband has a problem with drinking and for a long time he was against getting married but we talked to him and now he´s on board with it! It´s hard to teach the husband, Amilger, because he works in the mine and their schedule is constantly changing. Sometimes he has to work day shift and sometimes night shift. But we're hoping to be able to teach him more so that he can progress and be baptized too! Vanessa told us after church yesterday that she really wants to get baptized and do everything that she can to get married so that she can be baptized. She is scheduled to get baptized the 31st of March!

Elio Castellanos- He is 22 years old, super athletic and super cool. I feel like I knew him before I met him which is super cool. There was kind of a crazy story with him this week that I want to share but first I need to give you all some background information. He was a reference from a member in our ward and when we first met him he had just separated from his girlfriend because his girlfriend's mom was really against them dating and was causing problems. We got to know him and shared a message with him about Christ which seemed to help him at this low point in his life. After that, we taught him a few times and made some real progress and he received an answer to his prayer that the Book of Mormon is true and he was just really progressing. We had an appointment this week with him on Tuesday and we showed up and his girlfriend had come back! We were really confused. Suddenly some of the girlfriend´s cousins came and started arguing with Elio so we left without being able to teach him. We rescheduled to come back on Thursday. We were super concerned because once again he was breaking the law of chastity by living with his girlfriend and we were worried about his progress. When we came back on Thursday he was super sad as he and his girlfriend had broken up again. The mom of the girlfriend is crazy and came into the house and fought with her daughter and tried to force her out of Elio´s house which didn´t work. She then hired someone to come during the night to take her back from Elio with whatever force was necessary because she doesn't want them to be together. So Elio broke off the relationship again because it was too dangerous and not worth the problems. So right now he is pretty sad and just needs some time to think about what to do. He still came to church this Sunday and we actually had an awesome family home evening with him at the home of a member family. The hermana, her name is Dorris, shared an amazing lesson about agency and the importance of our decisions in the eternal perspective. We´re hoping that it´s just what Elio needed to hear. We have another appointment with him this Wednesday. Please keep him in your prayers! That would be awesome! He is still set to get baptized the 17th of March and we´re hoping all goes well.

So that´s all of our investigators with baptismal dates as of right now and we have more progressing. Sorry this letter was a bit longer, but I love you all so much and just want to bear my testimony of the truthfullness of this gospel. This gospel is perfect. Jesus Christ as our Redeemer has given us a straight and narrow path to follow. I like the scripture in 2 Nephi 31:19-20 which says that if after we have entered into the straight in narrow path if all is done? No, not all is done because we need to endure to the end. We can do this by reading our scriptures, saying our prayers, partaking of the sacrament, fulfilling our callings, and serving others and sharing the gospel. We need to march forward with a steadfast faith in Christ and stay true to the faith. I love you all and have a great week!
Elder Ludlow


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