February 26, 2018


Las Vegas, Honduras (Mochito Ward)


Elder Burt

Mire, Yo Soy Mormón!

Hola! Cómo están? Todo está bien aqui en área Mochito. Pues de hecho todo está bien masizo. Bastantes investigadores y lecciónes. Voy a hablar acerca de esta semana ahorita. Hello how is everyone?! Everything is going great here in Mochito. Another busy week with a lot of work, investigators, and lessons. It´s all going good down here.

And now fun facts about Honduras:
1. Photoshopped Family photos. There is no such thing as an actual family photo down here. Everything is photoshopped. And the pictures look awful. I'm sorry but they do. It´s really funny because almost every family has one.
2. When you ask people how old they are they almost never tell you their actual age. They almost always tell you how old they´re going to be. For example We´ll ask a kid, "Cuantos años tiene usted?" which means "how old are you?" they will then respond almost always with "voy a cumplir doce años" which means "I'm going to be twelve years old" Not sure why they don´t just say how old they are ha ha.
3. Every bank down here has security guards that stand outside with huge guns. It's funny because it's really not all that dangerous down here.
4. "Mire." This word is used so commonly down here. It translates to the English command "Look" and they always say this word before they´re going to explain something. Like we will ask if they are currently attending a church and they´ll respond with " Mire hermano, yo soy catolica y voy a la iglesia cada semana sin falta." It´s funny because I translate it into English and they say "look" all the time its funny.
5. "Buen provecho" this is something that you always say to someone when someone is eating. I think the translation is kind of like the equivalent to "bon apetit" but down here it is used all of the time. It´s the polite thing to do when someone is eating to say "buen provecho".
6. "Asi es." It means "that´s right" but our investigators investigator´s say it all the time
7. "Dele" This means like "go for it" down here and I like using this word it´s funny. When you want someone to do something as a joke or really in any circumstance you can say "dele".
8. Soccer with rocks. This is definitely a thing down here. The game is to kick little pebbles you find in the street between the legs of your companion. It can get competitive. When you get a pebble through someone´s legs it´s called a "cocina" or a nutmeg in English.

This week was good we´re teaching a lot of new investigators and trying to put baptismal dates with them. This week was kind of just a normal week of working. I do want to explain our daily schedule though .
6:30 wake up and work out
7:00 shower and get ready for the day and eat breakfast
8:00 personal study
9:30 daily planning
10:00 "la hora de cosecha" this is a time specifically set apart to find people by the spirit. It means "the hour of the harvest"
11:00 usually an appointment
12:00 lunch with a member
1:00 companionship study
2:30-8:00 appointments
8:00 dinner sometimes with a member
9:00 return home
10:30 go to bed
This is our daily schedule but sometimes it changes up. But ya this is it. I´ve gotten used to having dinner later at night which I was not used to before. Our investigators are all doing pretty good! Elio who I talked about last week is doing awesome! He´s been to church twice and he has baptismal date for the 17th of March! He really is progressing and I can see the Holy Ghost working in him. We committed the daughter of an inactive member to baptism last night and we´re trying to reactivate the mom. We have one investigator who is having a hard time right now. Her name is Vanessa Ortiz. She has three kids and she lives with her boyfriend. They don´t have a lot of money and they live in this small house in our area. Everything is against her getting baptized and Satan is trying really hard to fight against her. She´s trying to quit coffee but she gets a massive headache every time she tries not to drink it. Obstacles keep coming up to prevent her from coming to church. Her boyfriend is back and forth about getting married. It´s hard because she really wants to get baptized. She prayed about the Book of Mormon and received an answer that it´s true so we´re hoping and praying that the Lord will strengthen her.
I want to bear testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the word of god. Last Sunday during personal study I was reading in preach my gospel and I was reading about how we should challenge our investigators to read, ponder, and pray to receive an answer about the Book of Mormon. It then said in preach my gospel that as missionaries we should do this same thing regularly. Read, ponder, and pray for an answer. I haven´t prayed about the Book of Mormon since the first time I did it and received an answer. But, conveniently I have been reading in the Book of Mormon again. And this last Sunday I decided to pray about it again. I didn´t receive an answer right then and there. But during church there was a talk about the Book of Mormon and during this talk I bear testimony that the Holy Ghost bore witness to me of the truthfulness of this book. It was translated by the prophet Joseph Smith and it is the word of God. I testify that this book can change lives. I´ve already seen it change the life of our investigator Elio. Ever since he started reading in it there has been a change. He´s been more happy and more open to our message. I know that this book is true. It testifies of Jesus Christ and I encourage you all to take the invitation of Thomas S. Monson and read in the Book of Mormon every day. I promise you will receive blessings when you do this. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!

Cheque pues adios


Elder Ludlow


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