February 12, 2018


Las Vegas, Honduras (Mochito Ward)


Elder Burt

Feliz Dia de San Valentin

Hola everyone! Tuve una semana bien ocupada y estoy emocionado por la semana que viene. I hope everyone had an awesome week! Mine was super busy and I have a lot of stuff to talk about.
I want to start off with some interesting things or fun facts about Honduras. First of all, horn honking means like 10 different things down here. You can honk the horn when you´re angry, when you want to get someone's attention on the street, to say hi to other cars or moto-taxis, when you're going around a blind turn, and so much more. I'm telling you people down here have found a ton of different uses for the horn in a car. Secondly, it is super common to find horses just kind of wandering around in the streets. People don´t keep their horses in a pasture or anything they just kind of let them wander around. I have some pictures to prove it haha. Next I want to talk a little more about language and phrases down here. When we ask people how they are doing we normally say the typical "Cómo está?" but we also use "Cómo le va" and "Que tal" which all basically mean the same thing. But I'm telling you that about 90% of the time the response from the people down here is "Pues bien, gracias a Dios." This essentially means "Good, thanks to God." Seriously, the majority of the people down here say that almost every single time. Another funny thing here in Honduras is all the words for Bananas down here. You have the banana which is called a banana, but only when it is yellow. If the banana is green and not ripe yet it is called a "guineo." You would think they would have the same name but they are completely different haha. They also have plátanos which are plantains and are not really bananas at all. Also down here in Honduras every single car has tinted windows. They are tinted to the point where you can´t see anything inside (which I'm pretty sure is illegal in the U.S.) But I have yet to see a car where you could see the inside of it because of the tint haha. Also down here hardly anyone owns an oven so all the food is fried or made on the stove. And no one has a dishwasher but everyone has something called a pila. This is basically a big concrete box that you fill with water. On one side there's this downward slanted concrete slab with a drain hole at the bottom and this is where you do your dishes. I have a picture of one so you can see what it looks like. Here are some interesting things about church down here: 1. There are about 12 huge fans in the chapel that are on during the meeting because there's no air conditioning. I kind of wish we had that in the U.S. because it feels nice lol. 2. Every adult brings snacks to eat at Church. Yes both the adults and kids eat snacks all during church. 3. Sometimes people bring their dogs to meetings like ward council which is cool.
Ok next an update on the week. CRAZY NEWS!! So remember how I was saying that Leo and Karen (Karen is one of our investigators with baptismal date for March 17th) already had most of their papers done for their marriage. They are getting married this Wednesday on valentines day! And Karen is getting baptized now this Saturday with our other two baptisms! And we get to go to the wedding! This has been an amazing blessing from the Lord. I can´t believe that Leo and Karen are getting married this week. Leo is going to baptize Karen on Saturday and I'm so excited for them to receive and feel the blessings of the gospel. I'm so grateful and excited also for Darlin and Polo who are also getting baptized this week! The Lord is in this work and I'm so grateful for my Savior and all that he has done for me. This week we had a few people really challenge our testimonies of this church and basically rejected our message which was hard but it made me so grateful for the blessing of the gospel in my life and the knowledge we have of the truth. When being exposed to other religions and faiths it's such a blessing to have the Holy Ghost testify of the truthfulness of only this gospel. I only ever feel the impressions of the holy ghost when I hear testimonies of this gospel and I'm so grateful to the Lord and for this gospel that has been restored to the earth.

Ok now to talk about experiences of the week. First of all something crazy happened with a huge bus down here. It was driving on the mountain road and missed a turn and fell off of this bridge into the river. Luckily no one but the driver was in there and I'm pretty sure that he's ok. But I have some pictures of it and it was pretty wild. I don't think it will be leaving the river for a while because its super expensive to pull something like that out of a river. Next we had milkshakes with a member this last week and it was so good! They don´t use ice cream down here to make milkshakes which is weird but it still tasted super good. I gave a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting on missionary work. I only got about half way through my talk but it was good and Elder Burt spoke about the restoration of the gospel and he did great. Today we played soccer with four of the young men in our ward for about an hour - it was so fun!! Everyone down here plays on these small concrete courts with set up goals. The ball they use down here is completely different. It's made of plastic instead of rubber and its a bit tricky to get used to haha. Still it was super fun y bien masiso! Today I think we´re making cinnamon rolls with a member that has an oven and I'm so excited haha.
I want to share my testimony in Spanish for the last part. Yo tengo un testimonio de este Evangelio. Yo sé que la iglesia verdadera fue restaurada por medio del profeta José Smith. Sé que nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial nos ama. El quiere que recibamos todos sus bendiciones. Testifico que Dios nos conoce y mediante el don del Espíritu Santo podemos saber que debemos hacer en cada momento. Sé que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador y Hermano. Él entiende nuestros problemas y dolores. Podemos arrepentirnos y recibir perdón mediante su misericordia y amor. La obra misional es algo maravillosa y es nuestro deber a predicar el evangelio a nuestros hermanos espirituales en este mundo. Anyways I hope everyone has a great week I love you all so much! Cheque pues adios!

Elder Ludlow

ps. "Cheque" is my new favorite word


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