January 29, 2018


Las Vegas, Honduras (Mochito Ward)


Elder Burt

Fish Head Soup and Birthday Shenanigans

¡Buenas y Hola a Todos!

Ok so there's a lot to talk about this week. First of all I want to describe what its like down here in Honduras in a little better detail. So first of all, surprisingly, its a lot more common to say the word "buenas" instead of "hola" when greeting people. I'm not sure why but that's how it is ha ha. Also they have something down here called a "pulpería". Basically it's a little tiny store that has everything that a gas station would have like food, drinks, and other stuff. They are everywhere down here. Literally every fifty steps you´ll find one of these pulperías. If you´re ever hungry you just grab a quick snack from the pulpería which is pretty cool. Also most meals that I´ve eaten down here usually consist of chicken, rice, and beans. Almost every meal is usually served with a glass of either Coca Cola or banana soda. I didn´t even know that banana soda existed ha ha. but it's really good. At first I thought it was weird but now I like it. You can't trust most of the water down here unless it's from one of the purified five gallon water bottles. So we definitely drink more soda than water. All of the houses down here are painted in really bright colors which is way different. I wanted to describe a meal I had the other day called fish head soup which was...really lets just say it was interesting. It looks exactly as the name suggests. It's a bowl of soup with a fish head floating in it - eyes and all. I was really nervous to try it because I am not a fan of fish ha ha, but it wasn't too bad, the soup anyway. The fish almost made me throw up but I got through it ha ha. It's actually kind of a delicacy down here and people really like it. Anyways, that's the strangest thing that I have eaten so far. What's been kind of weird was that I haven't eaten "baleadas" for almost two weeks until last night. I don't know what it was but for some reason no one fed us baleadas until last night ha ha.

Next I wanted to talk about the work here in Mochito. The Mochito ward has two companionships. Elder Burt and I and one companionship of sisters. The sisters are from Guatemala and the Dominican Republic and they are both hilarious and super cool. Our stake consists of five wards which are Mochito, Potrerillos, Rio Linda, Santa Cruz, and Morelos. The work here in Mochito is going really well! Something interesting though is that if people don't want to talk to you down here they just hide from you. They usually don't tell you they aren't interested they just hide until you leave. Or sometimes they'll send their kids to tell you that no one is home when its obviously apparent that there are people home. So that's been a little interesting. We did have three investigators come to church yesterday though which was awesome! We have a couple of investigators that are super "pilas", which means awesome investigators in Spanish. We have a couple of them with baptismal dates. The first is a 13 year old girl named Darlin. The other is a woman named Karen who's in her twenties. The Lord really does prepare people to be taught his gospel. Karen has been prepared by the Lord. We actually had a super amazing spiritual experience with her the other day teaching her the restoration of the gospel. That was when we committed her to a baptismal date. We asked her why she wanted to be baptized and she told us that she's been wanting something in her life to change but she didn't know what needed to change. She wanted something for her and her daughter and her boyfriend. She has so much faith and what was amazing was when the spirit hit her during her closing prayer of that lesson. The spirit was so strong and she knew that this was the truth. The only obstacle standing in the way of her being baptized right now is that she needs to be married. But I can't express in words how amazing that experience was. It really was a testimony to me that the Lord has prepared people to receive this gospel. The work is true and its amazing.

Lastly I want to talk about my birthday because it was a crazy day. So first of all, we got up and Elder Burt was super cool to me and did a lot of stuff to make my birthday special which was awesome of him. Elder Burt made me an egg sandwich for breakfast and throughout the day bought me some ice cream and other stuff which was cool. What was strange though was that on my birthday we had the worst day of missionary work ever. We had 7 appointments scheduled to teach people and 6 of them fell through. Also the one appointment we did have didn't go very well. When our appointments fell through we tried to contact people but no one wanted to listen to our message and so it was a really lame day missionary work wise. Towards the end of the day Elder Burt and I were super tired and feeling a little down at our lack of success. We were heading to dinner that was scheduled at one of the ward member's home. The Sister missionaries in our ward were invited to the same dinner. When we got there I walked in to find that they were throwing me a surprise birthday party! They started by throwing rice everywhere when I walked in! This party was so cool and amazing. They had a piñata, a cake, and a huge dinner with carne asada. It was all so good and so fun. I felt a lot of love from the members of the ward and my fellow missionaries. It definitely turned my day around. At the end of the night when we were getting ready to leave, out of nowhere the sister missionaries and one of the members ran up and smashed eggs into my head and threw flour all over me. It was crazy and so unexpected! Apparently it's a tradition down here to smash eggs and throw flour on people on their birthday - ha ha. I had to wash my hair three times to get it out lol. (Don´t worry Mom I washed all of my clothes right away so we're chillin). Ha ha anyways thanks for the letters everyone I'm loving it down here. This is the Lord's work and the gospel is true! Have a great week!


Elder Ludlow

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Ryan Mahoney says:
Fish Heads... reminds me of a song! That's a funny birthday tradition - you'll have to make that a tradition with your future family!
on January 29, 2018

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