January 15, 2018


Guatemala MTC


Elder Burt

Hola from Honduras!

Hola from Honduras!

Hey everyone! Sorry I wasn't able to write this last week because we flew to Honduras last week and lost our P- day. Our P-days are now on Mondays. So when we flew into the airport we met President and Sister Bush and they're awesome. Afterwards we went to this huge stake center and ate lunch and had some classes. They then sent us out to work for three hours! In San Pedro Sula! And it was so cool to see what it would be like. Anyways, the next day we got companioned up and sent out to our new areas. I got companioned with Elder Burt, my trainer. He is from Logan, Utah and he is super cool. He is super funny and probably the most sarcastic person I've ever met. He has been out here for eighteen months and his Spanish is really good! So I got with him and then we got sent out onto a bus out to our area. We were sent out to El Mochito an area just outside of the town of Las Vegas. We are about four hours southwest of San Pedro Sula. We are in the coldest area in the mission and I'm blown away. I thought I was going to be sweating and super hot but the last three days have been freezing cold. I need more sweaters ha ha! But I got exactly what I wanted. I'm in an area in the middle of the mountains and about half my area is in the jungle. On our first day we found and met the ward mission leader and his name is Nefí Tampon and he is so cool. He and his family have been so friendly to us. It's been amazing! Apparently there haven't been elders here in El Mochito for three months. Nefi told us that the last few elders who were here haven´t worked. There was only two baptisms in this area last year and the goal for this year for the ward is 36 and so we have a lot of work to do. Our ward is awesome! We have about on average 150 members that come to our church regularly and the ward members are awesome. They also provide meals for lunch every day which is great and there's only a few dinners that we have to buy for ourselves. And the food is good! The baleadas are so good! I've already had them twice and they're delicious. They are made with tortillas, beans, eggs and mantequilla or crema. I haven´t tried one with cheese yet but I've heard that they're even better. I'm having them again tonight I think. So...about our living conditions...We live upstairs above this lady's house and there's two rooms. We have a bedroom and then a kitchen area. We are taking showers with ice cold water from a bucket that we have to fill up and then pour over the top of ourselves. Its definitely taking some time to get used to haha. Another strange thing here in Honduras is the Moto taxi. This is the most popular form of travel and they're everywhere. They are these tiny cars with three wheels. You'll have to look them up but they're pretty cheap and we use them to get to the far away parts in our area. Last thing. The Spanish here is so much harder to understand. I thought I could understand pretty good in Guatemala but I've had to like restart here in Honduras haha. They talk so fast down here and its taking some time to get used to but I have faith that as I work hard that I'll be able to understand. I'm already loving the work here in El Mochito and I'm excited to work hard. I want to testify that I know that the Lord guides this work and that Jesus Christ is our Savior. También, es muy importante que perseveremos hasta el fin al seguir el ejemplo de Jesucristo en todas las cosas. Al vivir este evangelio uno puede llegar a Cristo. Lo comparto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen. Love you guys all so much!

Elder Ludlow

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charlotte christensen says:
Kyle, what an adventure! you are teaching the Lamanites like in the Book of Mormon. I never bore my testimony to you but I know with no doubts that the Lord Jesus Christ lives and that as you said He presides and fHis Church. I love you Kyle, and am so proud of you..Love, Grandma Charlotte
on January 15, 2018

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