September 6, 2017


Sturgeon Bay


Week 7 in Sturgeon Bay

hey yall! good week this week! so to start it off, im still in sturgeon bay, town of the elderly haha. we had a few stuff happen this week, first we got a new investigator to teach on Thursday that seems really solid, not like the usual flaky investigator we usually get, so that's really exciting! next thing is a sister missionary that served here 3 years ago came up for a visit and has been giving us like 5 referrals of formers she used to teach, so we have a lot of work which is the best as a missionary. staying busy is the best haha. we helped a investigator move closer to the church on Saturday and he can come to church now. this guy knows more about the gospel than probably some general authorities quite honestly. hes pretty cool, he has to wait till he retires to get baptized cuz he is living with his divorced wife right now and cant remarry her because her health care will drop and he cant afford it, but when he retires he will be on the same health care and can marry her, get baptized, then get her to get baptized and all is well haha. its starting to rain like crazy up here, i have a video of the worst one where it suddenly downpoured noahs ark kind of rain and we were about half a block from our truck so i got to relive my track days and sprint to that thing like my life depended on it haha. my companions bed broke and we had to use a thing called shoe glue and so that's holding his bed level right now haha. other than that stuff, really not much new, school starts up here today so no pday bball with the youth haha. that kind of sucks, but we will manage. that's all for this week folks!
my comp fixing his bed
just chillin
noahs ark pt2​



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