September 16, 2013


Burke, Virginia, United States


Elder Flaherty

Fun Times

Hi everyone, So in last week's letter I'm not sure if I mentioned that we went to this thing called "Burke Festival" and we actually had a booth at it. We had the ward members of our ward run it on Saturday and the missionaries run it on Sunday. On Saturday it was kind of rough because a lot of people thought we were proselyting which we kind of were.. But they kind of just looked away from us! The Sisters got a lot of work done on Saturday though so it was good for them! The Burke Festival was just a huge community event. We contacted and saw so many people. It was huge! And then on Sunday when the Elders and Sisters ran it we actually had a lot of success! Tons of people came up and talked to us. So that was last weekend.

This week has been a rough week as of missionary work. It was good but lots of people were just rejecting us or didn't "have time"! On Friday of this week we had the opportunity to go to a Nationals baseball game! It was sick! The Nats won against the Phillys 6 to 1! We had all of the D.C. North and South mission there. So a total of about 400 missionaries about, anyways the reason why we got to go is because the Church was being represented at the game for the national day of service or whatever. It was a super cool experience and I got to meet up with all of my old district and buddies in the mission! There are a ton of missionaries out here from Arizona! I'll send some pictures next week but I have tons to show you! We didn't get home from the game until 1:00 in the morning! AHHHHH! but it was awesome! Fun times.

We also went and took a D.C. trip on Pday today! We went to see some of the monuments and also some of the museums. We went to the Holocaust museum which was really depressing. And then we went to some of the Smithsonian! The Smithsonian is huge. We only got to go to a part of it. We were only in D.C. from 8:00 to 1:00 today! But it was a blast! We heard a lot of sirens today while we were in the city and later learned about the shootings at the Naval Yard. Scary!

Anyways that was my week. It was a super fun week! We are only working with 2 investigators right now. Garret is still one of them. We haven't been able to see him in over a week though! We are also trying to get a lot of the less actives back to Church. It's pretty hard! Virginia is super busy! There is so much going on! Thanks for keeping me updated on Parker. I hope everything goes well for him.

~Love Elder Hinton


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