July 27, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Black

Almost Done!

Hey Mama Bear!
Last P-day we had a zone barbecue at the mission home with the Huntsman's family and had a great time. I played basketball with their son Daniel a bit and then we ate hamburgers and hot dogs and
all sorts of snacks. It was a great day just to hang out and relax with other missionaries. It's also been sweet to get to know the Huntsman kids even better. After P-Day ended we went and picked up our exchange and went over to teach the less active family about the book of Moroni like I told you about in my short email. We had an
incredible lesson with them as our exchange could translate Spanish
for us and we got to really understand what the parents thoughts and
feelings are.

Tuesday we went to close the old Haymarket apartment (the one I
stayed in when I served in Haymarket). That took awhile. We got home
just in time to change into our clothes before a member came to drop off a meal for us. The meal was a cafe rio gift card! So we ran to cafe and got some food. Tuesday night we didn't have much success except for our one lesson with Jason. The Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson I spoke about in my short letter.

Wednesday we made a trip to the Alexandria zone and dropped off little
items for all of the missionaries in that zone. Afterwards we went to a lunch/pre-dinner with our buddy Jared who is a 17 year old young man. He's just been here in Virginia working for the summer. He lives with his mom who lives in North Carolina. We taught him the
restoration over the meal and he loved it a ton. It was awesome. He
was stoked to have his own copy of the Book of Mormon. After that we
had another dinner with the Weber family. The Webers are incredible.
Eric wasn't there because he went out of town. We were supposed to go
do baptisms for the dead with him and the youth on Friday but it didn't work out because he was gone. He said he'll only be gone for a week but he still wants to go to the temple before he goes to boot camp in August.

Thursday was when we had two lessons. The restoration lesson I talked about in the small letter with the two ladies and then the plan of
salvation lesson we had with our ward mission leader and his wife. The
lesson went well, Aaron said the closing prayer. He's a great guy, I'd
really like to see him get baptized before I leave Virginia but we'll see. We've got lots of people praying for him. We hope for a spiritual conversion soon! He is very intellectual.

Friday we did a trip out to the Oakton zone to drop stuff off to missionaries there. The senior couples ran around doing apartment inspections and so now we have a big list of stuff we need to drop off to missionaries. At night we had a dinner and we got to teach an older couple how to use an iPad.

I can't remember what we did on Saturday.

Sunday we had my last ward council because next Sunday is fast Sunday.
We also went and had lunch with the Huntsmans at the mission home.
Aaron came to church. And then we had popcorn and milkshakes at a
members house after church.

That's my week mama! Can't wait to see you! 1 last email to you and
then I'm done!

Elder Kurtis Hinton


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