July 20, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Black

Very Busy

Dear Family
Past week has been alright. We taught 5 lessons. We taught the gospel
of Jesus Christ lesson to our investigator Jason, he's came to church once. The lesson this week didn't go so well as he tried to drop us.
He felt really bad though so he left the door open. So we'll see what happens. He's been the most studious investigator I've taught my whole
mission. I know he'll figure it out sometime and he'll receive an
answer. We taught the plan of salvation lesson to our investigator
Aaron who has come to church three times now. And then we taught the
restoration lesson to three other people. Jared being one of them. I'm
not sure if I told you about him but he's just been working here for the summer and he's came out and played basketball with us on P-Day and now we finally had a restoration lesson with him. The other restoration lesson we taught was outside to two ladies of a inactive member. The daughter is going to college in New York but was down here just for like a week or two and so we got to teach her. She has lots of friends that are just coming back from their missions and some that are just about to leave on their missions. They knew quite a bit about
our faith. And then we taught a less active family a lesson on the
book of Moroni and how important the Book of Mormon is. It was a
really great lesson.

Anyways the week was good. We've been busy and it looks like we'll be
busy this whole week. Hopefully I'll have some time to pack up some of
my stuff because transfer week I'll definitely have no time!


Elder Kurtis Hinton


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