July 6, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Black

New Mission President

Hey Mom and Dad,
Things are going great. It's really hitting me that I'm nearing the end of my mission. Sending off President and Sister Riggs last week was really sad. But it was awesome receiving President and Sister Huntsman. They came out with 7 of the 8 of their children. They have one serving a mission as well. They have 6 daughters here with them and 1 son. Three of them won't be staying though. 1 is married, 1 is about to be married and 1 is going to college at
University of Utah.

I've been drawn to reflect on my mission a lot recently. I'm so
grateful for this experience to serve. I've learned so much and I
couldn't even imagine what I'd be doing if I didn't come out here. I'm
so glad that the spirit guided me to come out here. I kind of wish I had more time. Elder Black and I have been doing an incredible job and I'm so glad I got to stay here in the mission office for the last transfer of my mission. We have a good number of people we are
teaching and we get to help out the mission and adjust the new mission
presidents family to the mission. It's sweet! I've definitely been

Something else hit me this past week. I got a blessing of comfort this week because I kind of don't like the thought of ending my mission. Anyways in the blessing the things that were said just reassured my testimony that God is very much aware of me. I'm so glad that we have the Priesthood once again on the earth. I'm so grateful for the prophet Joseph Smith and all that he went through to restore Christ's
Church on the earth again.

We are teaching a family right now. They are incredible! We are mainly
teaching the husband while the wife has been listening in and then also watching over their two children. He keeps all of his commitments and makes sure he studies up before we come every time. He also visited the temple visitor center while he passed by it on his way home one day which was awesome. We attribute that to all of the prayers that our members have been putting out towards him and his
family. He was also at church yesterday and seemed to enjoy it.

We had a great 4th of July! We had a BBQ at the Huntsmans home and got
to know them a little bit. After that dinner and get together we went to a part member families house and had a great time watching some fireworks on their street with them. They had bought this HUGE box of fireworks from Costco. So that was fun.

I also got to drive a new Sienna mini van that President Huntsman
leased for his wife to use out here. We've been helping President
Huntsman with all of his technology stuff and what not. It will be cool once President Huntsman has a hold of everything. He is amazing. He actually grew up and went to high school here in Virginia when his father, Jon Huntsman Sr. was mission president over the DC Mission when they were together.

Ummm.. I don't know what else to tell you! Everything is great. Sorry I'm not giving you the day to day anymore. We are busy. I sure do love you all. I can't wait to see you all soon.


Elder Kurtis Hinton


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