September 9, 2013


Burke, Virginia, United States


Elder Flaherty

First Investigator

Dad, I did receive your first letter and I will definitely be using it for the benefits of the ward. There were a ton of great suggestions of things to do and things that we have actually already been doing! So I will definitely continue to use it the best I can. We have been trying to get to know all the members very well and we talk to tons of people! We have actually been doing a lot of member visits because we have nowhere else to go but track! So we do a little bit of both! It’s going great though.

The investigator we found last week was actually a former investigator who was interested in the church but the sisters who were working with him were too pushy. But we biked really far just to knock on this former's door because we felt inspired to and sure enough he let us right in. We taught him the first lesson and asked him to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon. He was kind of stubborn in "the Bible" but we just had a second lesson with him and he actually read that one chapter we gave him and 2 more. We were really impressed! We are just trying to get him to really pray and ask if it’s true now. We are struggling with getting him to pray out loud. But he'll come along. We also invited him to be baptized if he found out it was true and he said he would. So hopefully he prayed and got his answer! Both lessons we taught to him were great!
I love this gospel. I hope Grandpa is alright. Good to hear Marcus got to Ghana. I met a Ghanaian the other day. Super Cool! I didn’t know Lindsay Wade was going on a mission. Cool. Cool. I did have a great week. Yeah I am better! I just wasn't in the right mind set but I’m all good now.
Love, Elder Hinton

Note from Kurtis's Mom: His companion is from Gilbert also and is the nephew of Jack Flaherty that I went to High School with. The pictures below are of his Mission President and the 42 missionaries who came into the mission with him!


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