June 15, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Black

Goodbye Pres. Riggs

Hey Mom and Dad.

Here is my email for the week. I've decided to shorten the past couple of weeks because I just get so far behind and trying to catch you up is ridiculous. There is a lot we are doing and we are very busy. We are constantly trying to finish closing all of the apartments on our list which is quite the task but is almost done.. Until next transfer anyways. And we are getting everything squared away for the transition from President Riggs to President Huntsman. There's just so much to do with such little time it's crazy. I will tell you the big events of what has happened the past two weeks though.

We sent off a getting to know you book to President Huntsman. That included everyone's getting to know you sheet so that he had an idea of who each one of us are before he even arrives. That took a long time to get together for him.

We've had a district meeting, MLC, and a zone training all in the past two weeks. All of those were great meetings.

We've closed 4-5 apartments just in the past two weeks. Our storage sheds are literally maxed capacity. We've been trying to get rid of as much stuff as we can. We are constantly taking loads of stuff from our storage sheds out to missionaries and then just the next day we close an apartment and the storage shed somehow gets more full than when it was two days earlier. It's crazy.

We had apartment inspections by the senior couples and a zone BBQ this past week. We all pitched in another 5 dollars so we could have a delicious lunch for the BBQ. After lunch We played kickball this time and that was loads of fun. Our team won 24 to 8. We kind of smoked them. It was a blast though. It was a close game until like the 5th inning and then we scored like 7 points in one round and then we just took off.

I had my departing interview with President Riggs. He counseled me about my life when I get home. He told me I need to go to school as soon as possible and then he gave me a blessing.

We taught two lessons to our investigator Jason, we taught two lessons to the Rademacher family, one lesson to our recent convert Eric and we taught a less active guy named Hew Len.

We also had a missionary musical fireside on Saturday night.

I also went on an exchange with my district leader which was nice.

Sorry I am so behind on writing, it has been very busy.

Elder Kurtis Hinton


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