June 8, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Black


Dear Family,
Here's my update from the 25th to the 31st of May.
Monday the 25th I got to attend the temple for the first time in a
really long time! The last time I went was in Haymarket with Elder Oyler. Since Elder Black had gone recently I got to go on an exchange with Elder Blanchard, Elder Frew and Elder Johnson to the temple. It was awesome. A returned missionary from the Burke Ward drove us there.
After we got back we went shopping and did the rest of our Preparation
day activities. After P-day ended Elder Black and I went tracting around one of our Ward missionaries and our Elders quorum president. We found three people that we are now going to be following up on. While we were there we went over to the Elders Quorum Presidents house because he had seen our van and he called us to see if we would help give a blessing to his sick daughter.

Tuesday the 26th we had our first tiwi installation day. So we are getting the driver accountability program in our mission. Which means we have a "tiwi" device connected to our car with gps capabilities and it constantly knows how fast we are going, how fast we accelerate, how fast we go around turns, how fast we go up or down bumps etc. anyways it's there to yell at us and tell us we aren't driving well. It also sends in a report to Salt Lake and our driving coordinator if we are
speeding, or if we are driving recklessly. So we had our first
installation day with all of the cars in the mount Vernon and Alexandria zones. After we finished our little section of the tiwi presentation we bailed and went to Gainesville to close out an apartment. Then we did some office work in the evening I believe.

Wednesday we had the second tiwi installation day with the Oakton and
the McLean zones. We just stayed for the first hour again and then we
bailed to close another apartment in the area. It was a Spanish elders
apartment and it was packed full of stuff! We somehow got it all done
but we couldn't finish it because it was bucketing rain on us and we had the assistants truck so we couldn't take the extra furniture to the storage shed because it would have gotten wet. After we got home and changed we went to dinner and then went to mutual. The priests had invited us to do a Q and A with them about our mission and our experience. They had incredible questions and it was really great to spend some time just reflecting on my mission and then giving themadvice.

Thursday the 28th... The dreadful day when we got our tiwi installed
in our van. We tried to stay for the whole tiwi training which usually
ended at about 3:30 but because we got a phone call from Jeff we had
to leave a little bit earlier so we could go see him. Jeff isn't doing so hot. He thinks everyone is out to get him, it's really sad to see. Driving with the tiwi isn't as bad as we thought. We thought it wouldn't let us go over the posted speed limits but it gives us some
more room than we thought. It's usually set at about 6 mph over the
posted speed limit. Which is good because everyone seems to go about
10 over here! So we don't slow down traffic too much. We do have to sit in the far right lane though. After seeing Jeff we went to a dinner and then after dinner we got to work on the mission history with president Riggs the rest of the night. The assistants also showed
up and the 5 of us stayed up until we finished the mission history! We were up pretty late. The mission history ended up being about 500 pages long. It's a history of the past three years. It's of Presidents Tenure as a mission president. It shows the missionaries who were here, what movements and things we've done, miracles that have
happened, things that were written, etc.. This was a Huge burden lifted from our shoulders. It was one of those big projects we needed to get done!

Friday was our last tiwi installation! When we got there our Carzar
Elder Lowe had Elder Black and I go pick up a car from Warrenton
because one of the missionaries were sick. Friday evening we had to take that car back to them because one companionship forgot to take it
with them even though we told them to. Then we went and had a quick
dinner and by that time it was pretty late so we went to the office to do some work.

Saturday the 30th was an interesting day. In the morning we were doing
office work/planning for the upcoming week. We had a ward picnic which
Jeff wasn't able to make it to. And then we were just visiting people
in the evening. Nothing too special.

Sunday the 31st we had our meetings in the morning, then we worked in
the office/finished planning and then we had church and then we had
dinner/visited some families.
Elder Kurtis Hinton


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