May 25, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Black

My birthday!

Dear Family,
Monday the 18th we played some basketball for preparation day at the
stake center. President Riggs was there and I played a lot of games on
his team. It was me, Elder Miles, and President Riggs and we just

Tuesday the 19th we met two companionships of senior couples and
Sister Riggs at our storage shed at 9:00. One companionship wanted to
see what we had inside the storage sheds to see if they could use any
of the furniture and the other companionship wanted to drop off bike racks and tires that they had inside the storage shed. Sister Riggs
was there to see what are storage shed was looking like and wanted an
inventory of it. Luckily Elder Black and I cleaned it up the night before or we would have been toast! It was a complete mess. Now it looks all nice and orderly. After we helped the senior couples out and finished the inventory of the sheds we went and taught a lesson! We taught Jason who is a 7th day Adventist. He is really nice. He let us in his house like a week ago and we met his whole family. We only got
to teach him though. He enjoyed the message and had lots of really good questions. 7th day Adventist have pretty close beliefs to ours. Anyways that was a great lesson after that we went to the Zone Lunch which was provided by our Stake. The Annandale Stake likes to provide a lunch at the beginning of each transfer for our zone to see who got moved and also to say thank you. After lunch we got a call to go do some service of digging up flower bed for a sister in the ward. So we went and pounded that out really quick. Elder Black and I are killer
workers. We get stuff done. We went and had some dinner after we did
service. We went to a place called H Pho, it's a Vietnamese place. Then at the end of the night we went and visited a in active guy. He isn't religious at all. He did like our company but he didn't want to
talk about spiritual things like at all.

Wednesday the 20th we had to go to expectation meeting where Elder
Black and I had to teach the new greenie missionaries how to use their
iPads safely and how to overcome vulnerability. After that we went to
district meetings. Then we went to lunch and then went and moved some
furniture for some sisters that got put into a trio. I can't remember
what we did in the evening. Probably checked on prospective elders or

Thursday the 21st the assistants and us went and closed an apartment
together. It's about time we got those assistants to do some work! We
finished that apartment in the afternoon and then in the evening we
got to go on an exchange with someone who is preparing to serve a
mission. He was going to school at BYUI. Anyways the exchange went
well. We went and talked to an agnostic guy who is married to a member and a very inactive guy. All of his sons and grandsons have served
missions but he hasn't been inside a church since he was 13.

Friday we went to close another apartment and then it started
bucketing rain so we couldn't finish it but we got all of the garbage out. We came back and changed and then went to dinner with the Groths.
Had a great time over there. And then we had our lesson cancel on us with Eric and his family which was a bummer.

Saturday was my BIRFFDAY!! Since we are the office elders and all of the missionaries have my number I got lots and lots of happy birthday
wishes from missionaries, president Riggs, older missionaries that
have gone home and tons of family and friends in my email which was
sweet. I felt very loved. We went out to a delicious sub place in the afternoon. Got a 3/4 pound sandwich. In the evening Elder Black went to the temple to do some baptisms for the dead with a recent convert. They were gone for like 4 hours so I got to hang out with my bud Elder McInerny which was sweet. Afterwards we went and had a BBQ at a members house in the ward Elder Black was serving in. Elder Black also got the member, The Jardines, to make me a birthday cookie/cake which was really nice and they all sang happy birthday to me. It was awesome. The Jardines are so cool. I felt tons of love from them. They also know mu cousins The Prince family and Brad and Autumn who used to live in the Falls Church ward. Anyways he said that they were really good friends with them.

Sunday we had meetings and a planning session and church.
That was my week!

Elder Kurtis Hinton

(Sorry behind posting letters, we have been moving! Kathy Hinton)


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