September 5, 2013


Burke, Virginia, United States


Elder Flaherty

Bike Trouble

Dear Family, To answer your question, my layover was in Minneapolis. So I did already break the chain on my new bike though.. We were riding up a hill and it popped out and then it bent inside between the frame and the gears. We ended up getting the chain out after some work but then it wasn't able to ride because the gears are messed up. So an inactive actually let me borrow his bike because we were over at his house and he saw us struggling. I ended up using his bike for about 4 days until I could get a car over there and get my bike back. I can't believe it broke either! I was so mad! But our Bishop took us last week to the Performance bike shop and they just fixed it right there in front of me for free and I was good to go! I think one of the managers there is LDS and works with the missionaries or something! So that's all taken care of. Oh and nice!! Yeah bikes are a pain.. Speaking of McLeskey's! I met his mom this last Sunday! She's in my ward! Also the Mission President and his family is in our ward! So that is pretty cool! The only problem is.. We have 2 sets of missionaries in some of the wards and we are with a set of sisters in ours... Oh my goodness.. Oh and of course they get the car! We are stuck with bikes always begging for rides! Virginia is really weird! They have no sense of directions. Everything is just crammed together and it's just really different. I miss the grid system in Arizona! haha But yeah our ward's very nice! They do a lot. There are a TON more members in Arizona though! Our area for 1 ward is sooo Huge! It's ridiculous.. But they feed us at least a few times a week. Since the ward has to feed dinner to both sets of missionaries it's hard but we definitely get fed! I got to try real Chinese food for the first time from this family called the "Oriallanas"! IT WAS SOOO GOOD! They had tons of protein in the meal and mmmm it was good.

And my companionship relationship is fine. He thinks I'm going to be in this ward for AT LEAST 2 more transfers, maybe more! That I am not excited about. I didn't realize how hard opening a new area actually is! It's a rough life, we knock doors a lot and the people out here aren't too open to hear the gospel. They all have their own beliefs and whatnot and kind of just shut the door on us. So that's been hard.

And I am sooo excited for Marcus! I miss that kid soo much! He'll do great out there, I can't wait to see him and Brett again in two years. Wish him the best of luck if you see him today or tomorrow! Tell him I love him!

Thanks for sharing that experience Dad. That's pretty much how it is here.. We have to tract pretty much every day and that's exactly how it is.. The door getting slammed in our face! Or people try to convert us! silly people.. haha. But thanks for sharing! Hopefully it will help me grow.

My Last P-Day was sweet! We pretty much have all day to do what we want and it's pretty awesome if we get to go with some other missionaries in a car!!! Which we didn't this P-Day so it sucked.. Last P-Day we went and emailed and then had zone sports and went shopping and hung out with some other Elders. Oh by the way.. After I got done emailing you guys I went and twisted my ankle on my first P-Day! It was pretty bad! It swelled up pretty big! But its healing and it'll all be good. This P-Day was terrible though. We couldn't email because the library was closed on Labor Day and then we don't have a car so we tried to bum a car ride from others all day! We finally got one to go to the store at least but after that we were stuck in our apartment for 5 FLIPPING HOURS and had NOTHING TO DO! It was so boring.. and that's when I really got homesick.. I've gotten pretty home sick the past few days. I miss having people to talk to constantly! gosh dang! But I realize that it's for the better good and when it's time to home I won't want to come home so its all good. I do miss you all so so much though.

Oh by the way I taught my First Investigator and it went great! It was truly a blessing on how we found him! We have another meeting with him tomorrow night so we'll see how that goes! Just thought I'd share that with ya!

I'll try to send pictures next time.

Love, Elder Hinton


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