May 18, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Black

Finally a Letter!

Dear Family,
Monday the 4th we had our zone activity for preparation day. Our whole
zone came to a park and had lunch. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs
and had lots and lots of other yummy food. We also played games like
football, basketball, frisbee, and efy type games. It was a fun zone activity. Our whole zone pitched in 5 dollars for it. Monday night we also had to clean out the van and get the stuff we needed for the half mission conferences.

Tuesday the 5th we had 2 1/2 mission conference. 1 in the morning for
3 zones and 1 in the afternoon for the other 4 zones. President Riggs
wanted to have a half mission conference because he wanted the mission to give it our all as he is finishing his mission. He talked about the story of Nehemiah and how he went to build the walls of Jerusalem. And we likened that to our mission and how we need to build up our walls.
And Nehemiah did it in 52 days and so is our Mission. We have 52 days of building the walls. We also were taught on boldness in prayer,
boldness on scripture study, boldness in obedience, boldness in testimony, boldness in inviting, and boldness in goals. It was an incredible meeting. President Riggs also took us out for lunch in between the conferences.

Wednesday we traveled up to the Ashburn area to move the Belmont Ridge elders. One of which is Elder Tesch who is my former companion from Mt. Vernon. So we moved them out from a two bedroom into a 1 bedroom and then we went to the Ashburn zone leaders (Tall Cedars Ward where Dustin Hinton lives) apartment to grab a load of trash that they wanted taken out of their apartment because they are moving from their town house into another town house. We got a call while we were grabbing the trash from a priest in our ward wondering if we could
come help spread 10 square yards of mulch. So we went and did that and
then we went and dumped our load of garbage off at a landfill dump place. We also got a text from Jeff saying that church isn't helping him. He has been struggling a lot recently. Us, Our Bishop and ward council all think he definitely needs professional help so now we are trying to get some professional help to him but we haven't been able to get in contact with him.

Thursday the 7th we had MLC or Mission Leadership Counsel where the
zone leaders, sister training leaders, the assistants, us and President and Sister Riggs counsel together about the mission. That meeting goes from 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon once a month. Thursday evening we also got to go teach Eric a new member lesson again. We taught on the plan of salvation and especially how ordinances can be performed for those who have passed on in this life
and didn't have the opportunity. He's told us that he would go talk to
Bishop to get his baptism temple recommend so we could go to the
temple with him. So we are hopefully planning a date to do that soon.

Friday we had return and report where the new missionaries from the
transfer come and report on how their first 5 weeks of their missions are going. We also teach a 15-20 minute portion at that meeting. This week was a week full of meetings for sure! We are busy busy busy. We also have transfers this upcoming week which will be more of a mess than this week! They are definitely keeping Elder Black and I on the tips of our toes. We also drove around on Friday to give some
mattresses and box springs to people who had bed bugs. One of them was
a sister. Poor girl!

Saturday the 9th we went over to Arlington area and we helped move the
Arlington sisters from their apartment to the Elders apartment that was closed down and now was empty. It was a pain to move them from the
4th floor down to the second floor without a dolly or an elevator.
Elder Black and I were champs. Until we finally gave up and ran and got a dolly. And by the time we got the dolly the elevator was working too! So we finished that up really fast. Blessings! I don't remember what we did Saturday evening. One of the evenings this week, the week of the 4th through the 10th we went tracting which is very unusual for us and the other night we got to go out and visit some prospective Elders and we found quite a few potential investigators. One guy just invited us in and he introduced us to his huge family. There were about 5 adults there and kids running around. He wasn't the prospective elder we were looking for but we definitely look forward to teaching him! He was incredibly nice.

Sunday we went to the office to weekly planned for the upcoming week,
transfer week, and then we went to church and then we got to skype our
families! The last skype until my Mom and Dad come pick me up and I get to see them in person! It was really awesome seeing my family. Brenden, Brett and his soon to be wife, and Kinsey, Robbie, Wesley, and Kambree all showed up and said hi too! Oh and I got to talk to Kyler and Ashley but I didn't see them. It was good to talk to all of them. Especially my Mom and Dad. I miss those old hooligans. They mean a lot more to me now that I've been out serving a mission. Maybe that's why they sent me out on a mission. Just so I can realize that. We also saw the transfer board for the upcoming transfer on Sunday night. That's when I saw that I was staying for my 4th transfer in the office. First
time I've ever been in an area longer than 3 transfers.

Monday the 11th was the start of transfer week. For preparation day we
started it off early by missing our comp studies so we can meet up
with President Riggs and the assistants to talk about logistical
things about transfers. Then Elder Oyler and Elder Timmons came out to
the office to meet up with Elder Black and I to go fishing. We went down to the Occucoan river. There wasn't any good fishing but we had an enjoyable day spending time with each other. We also have two apartments that we have/had to open up before transfers. I guess 1 set of sister missionaries that were living with an older couple are getting kicked out by their kids coming to live with them so we had to
open an apartment for them and then we also had to have 1 more
apartment open for a set of sister missionaries. So we had 2 openings
of apartments happen and then we have 3 closures we have to do from
this upcoming transfer. Crazy!!

Tuesday the 12th we had a car meeting with President Riggs, The
assistants, and our carzar Elder Lowe. We just discussed how the use of cars is going in our mission. We also talked about something big that is happening at the end of this month. We talked about the tiwi's that we will be getting installed in all of our cars. It lets us know if we are going to fast on turns, on the roads, if we are driving recklessly or what have you. So that will be a pain! Tuesday Elder Black and I did some moving of our own apartment because someone was
being transferred in and they needed a place to stay so they took our
spot in the apartments and we moved in with some other Elders in the Burke Town Home! The townhouse that I stayed in while I served in Burke! This thing is massive! We are currently stationed in the basement. I'll get some pictures of our crib and send them to you soon. It's legit. At night we had a dinner appointment. And then we started getting stuff ready for transfers and opened up one of the
areas we had to open a new apartment for.

Wednesday we had zone training in the morning. It was an incredible
zone training. It was lead just by Elder Robbins, my MTC comp, because
Elder Seely was sick. Elder Robbins also had us present a 15-20 minute
portion to the zone on the why we had the half mission conference and more specifically how the goals that we set from the conference can motivate us to go and achieve them. That went well. They whole zone loved our presentation. After that we booked it to Taco Bell to grab a bite to eat before we went off to go pick up the new missionaries! We had 6 sisters come in (all from Utah). And 2 Elders come in. They are a good group of missionaries! We grabbed their luggage from the airport and then went and worked at the office for about an hour while they toured DC and then we went to the mission home to drop it off and then have dinner with them. We couldn't stay the rest of the night
with them unfortunately. Right after we got done eating dinner we were off again going and getting furniture moved and logistical things ready for this transfer.

Thursday the 14th was transfer day! We got up early to go and get
pancakes with buttermilk syrup at the mission home with the newbies
and then we were headed off to the Centreville stake center. We first
got the new missionaries their iPads and set them up. Then we went to
the stage and set all the technology up for transfers. Then we went back in with the training meeting with the newbies. Took some pictures of them for the transfer board. And then we had lunch with them. The transfer Meeting was great, there were a good group of missionaries that were going home that gave wonderful testimonies. Elder Geohagens' was a little bit crazy haha but it was good. Elder Geohagen is a nut, but I sure do love that kid. After transfer meeting ended we closed up shop and packed up and headed to the office to drop off tons of stuff and then to the mission home to grab some ribs and potatoes with the outgoing missionaries and then we were off again to our storage shed to get stuff we needed to open up the other apartment. The sisters at
least needed to have beds in their apartment so they could sleep. We
got them beds and a table and all sorts of stuff for their kitchen. They still need another whole van load of stuff to keep them somewhat furnished haha. We also drove a bed to a the Ft. Belvoir sisters because they were put into a trio and we didn't want a sister sleeping on the floor for a night. We can let that slide for the elders for a
day or so, but sisters we are more kind towards haha. Anyways It was a big mess! But we accomplished it! We didn't get to bed until like 11:30 and we had to wake up at 3:45 in the morning to get ready and then head to the mission home to pick up the departing missionariesluggage to take to the airport.

So on Friday we took the departing missionaries luggage to the airport
and then we came home and crashed for another like 2-3 hours. The day
after transfers is our only allotted nap time hat we get. It is very much needed after always a hectic transfer week and taking the missionaries early in the morning to Dulles. Friday we also just drove around all day fixing all of the aftermath of the transfers. Moving furniture for the new areas and such.

Saturday was the same thing except we had a dinner appointment and
then we got to go out and proselyte! It was great! We went and checked
up on some potentials and prospective elders and less actives. We didn't have any bites though.

Sunday the 17th we finally found time to plan for the upcoming transfer and got to plan out pretty much everything that needs to get done. Which really helped me because I felt like there was a big cloud that was covering my mind of all the stuff we need to do and didn't
know when we were going to get it done but now I feel like we are back on track again. Elder Black and I worked ourselves really hard last transfer which was really good because if we didn't we would have a huge amount of stuff to be done. We also had ward correlation and ward counsel in the mornings. Sunday evening we had church from 3-6. Had some dinner and then checked on some less actives.

These are my last two weeks! Sorry that it's extremely long! There were tons and tons of stuff we did the past two weeks. And this email only briefly describes everything that I can remember we did. Sorry I got this off so late Mama! Love ya!

Elder Kurtis Hinton


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