August 26, 2013


Burke, Virginia


Elder Flaherty

In the Field!

Hey mom! So yeah.. I guess the person who was in charge of all our things at the MTC didn't give us the information to print our tickets so we had to do it ourself. Elder Mumm (an Elder from our district) called the travel office from the airport and the lady gave us the numbers and so we got our tickets. Sorry I didn't get to call you at the airport, it was hectic! But the plane rides were great, we only had a 20 minute lay over. Once we landed President Riggs, his wife, and his assistants were there to greet us! Right after that we went to D.C. and got to go around the Lincoln Memorial which was super cool! Although it is really muggy and gross over here, especially when we were in our suits for the first day. Once we got back from D.C. we went to the Riggs home where they fed us dinner and then had us stay there for the night. We all got interviewed by President Riggs and when I got interviewed he told me that he thinks I will be starting a new area. My first thoughts were like SWEEEET! But I've only learned since then that it is just hard work.. But it's great nonetheless. The second day after breakfast is when we had transfer meeting and we got to meet our new companions. This is when I was most nervous, and I don't even know why! It was sad leaving my district and stuff at the MTC, hopefully we will be companions sometime while being out here. The Elders that were in my district grew extremely close and we were just awesome! But my new companion who is training me in the "new" area is Elder Flaherty! He is related to Jack and he went to Gilbert High School! How the flip does that even happen?? So that was pretty neat but we don't have a car so we are on bikes.. that's the downside. Plus it's a new area! so it's pretty difficult. The first time we got to our basement of our townhome it was completely bare! There were no beds. Pretty much nothing but a microwave and a fridge and that was it. So I was just like what the flip have I just gotten into? haha But we luckily got some beds an hour before bed time that night. They were dropped off at our backyard (frontdoor) when we got home from our first meeting. Brother Webb, our ward mission leader, took us to go get McDonalds and made a quick stop at Walmart for some essentials to live till P-day. So we grabbed some stuff to make PB&J and some cereal and milk and toilet paper and went to our "home" (if you could even call it that!) but as of now the place is looking great! The members of the ward are really loving and we pretty much have everything! Almost at least.. They have donated all kinds of stuff. But we are still hoping to get a washer and a dryer and then we'll be set! But over all everything is good. There are both Sisters and Elders in this Ward. I went tracting for my first time and I've come to find out this isn't some joke! I admire all who've gone on missions. Getting the door slammed on your face isn't fun all the time, most of the people are very kind though and they'll respectfully decline. We haven't had much time to work yet since we've just started and it's a new area. We'll see how it goes.

Elder Hinton


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