April 27, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Black

Two weeks of letters

Dear Family,
I'm going to just get as many events as I can written in here as I can remember. Elder Black and I have been very busy with getting all of our office work out of the way. We have completed tons of tasks and we have worked nonstop.

Monday the 27th we had preparation day. We just shopped and played basketball at the Stake Center. After P-day we went and dropped off keys to a set of missionaries in the Oakmarr Ward so they can start moving apartments. They are moving from 1 apartment to another one in the same complex because our financial coordinator in the office forgot to resign their lease, haha. Elder Andersen is a great guy, he's lots of fun to work with. After we dropped off those keys we went and dropped off a microwave and a toaster to some Elders who had just recently moved from a 2 bedroom with 4 missionaries to 2 one bedrooms. So one of them didn't have those two items. After we dropped that off there was this HUGE storm that rolled in and there was a tornado warning. President Riggs sent out a text telling all missionaries to get in for the evening but we were in McLean area at the time and we still had one more thing we had to do on our way home. So we pretty much were being chased by a storm the rest of the night. It was a Giant storm. It was sweet. There was one point on the freeway where it was just complete darkness. It was pretty spooky. Anyways so we stopped by the apartment that we were trying to finish closing on our way home and then booked it home with all of the stuff in our van.

Tuesday we had 2 moves to do during the day. Elder Black and I were completely exhausted by the end of the afternoon but we finished dropping off some loads of trash from both of those apartments. We made it back in time to have dinner with a family and we had tacos! After dinner we visited about 6 people and 3 of whom we found. 1 less active family said we could come back on the weekend. One lady said she would love to study with us and she said she had lived there for 25 years and didn't know which ward she belonged to. The third person we got in contact with told us that he was already a member and there were no need for us to come by. He's inactive and his wife isn't a member.

Wednesday we had District meetings. We talked about goal setting and we set some goals for the transfer. It was good. We also talked about flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon and how we need to get these people to really progress from reading the book. Real progression. After district meetings we went to the office to do some office work and to start transferring the computers over from the old ones to the new ones. It was a complicated process as we had to save everything from the old ones to an external hardrive and then we had to move it over to the new ones and place the files where the senior couples wanted them. That was a big mess and took many nights. But I believe this is the day we really started working on it. After dinner we stopped by lots of people with no luck.

Thursday we had zone conference all day until 4. During zone conference we had got a call from our ward mission leader trying to get us to come give a member a blessing in our ward. But unfortunately we were in the zone conference and didn't know so he found someone else. At dinner time we had a lesson with the Gutierrez family that we've been working with. They've been going to another ward while their daughter has been in volleyball but now that the season is over they'll hopefully be coming to our ward again. We also are trying to get the Father to come with the family. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and got the family pretty pumped.

Friday during the day we finished working closing the two apartments that we were working on on Tuesday. We put all of the nice furniture and things in our storage shed, which is getting to almost maxed capacity! I don't remember what we did Friday evening but it was probably just visiting people on our lists or moving someone. I can't remember.

Saturday we ran over to the Oakmarr apartment that we dropped a key off to to go help them move the big stuff. We had a huge van load of trash we dumped out and then we had some things we had to take to the storage shed and then we had another massive desk we had to throw away which was a beast, that took awhile. After that we came back to our area for a dinner we had with the Evans family. Brother Evans knows like 3 languages and is really smart. He is also just a funny guy. We had a enjoyable time over there. Saturday evening we had a Family Home Evening with the Tolboes family. We had the lesson on the third article of faith. It went well.

Sunday we had our Stake Conference which was a regional broadcast. We had Elder Katcher speak, Sister Reeves spoke, and Elder Neil L. Anderson and Elder Hales all spoke to us. It was a very good broadcast. We also had Jeff attend with us and he didn't enjoy it as much. We could tell he was struggling through it. In the afternoon we had ward council because church was from 10-12 instead of 3-6. Then we had dinner with our ward mission leaders family.

So we started off this week the same as last week. We played basketball at the Stake Center for P-day again. after P-day we ran to Arlington area to give some Sisters keys to another apartment that they are moving to that Elders had recently moved out of. So the Sisters are cleaning up the Elders old apartment and are starting to move small things from their apartment to the new apartment. We will probably be helping them move the big things this weekend if things go as planned.

Tuesday morning we ran to the storage shed where some Sisters met us there because they wanted to look around at things they could use. So they met us there and took all sorts of things they wanted. Then we ran to Panda Express to snag some lunch before the sisters conference that we got to attend. Sister Riggs had a Sisters Conference where all of the Sisters come from the mission to learn and talk about sisterly things and unfortunately or fortunately hahaha we got to be at the conference because they needed our help with the projector and such. So we had to sit through the Sisters Conference. There were 4 talks given by either the Mission Presidencies wives and then it was ended by remarks from President Riggs. It was very interesting sitting up on the stage with just like 60 or so Sisters just staring at us! haha.

Wednesday we went over to the mission home and started transferring President's old computer to his new computer. Almost got that all completed. We went to start furnishing a new apartment for a senior couple that is coming into the mission. Then we had dinner with the Hodgon family. Its always fun to go over to their house and feel loved and also be asked amazing questions about missionary work from their two boys who are preparing to go on missions and are really intelligent. They are home schooled. After dinner we had 2 lessons fall through and mutual that we were supposed to attend. So we just checked up on some more people.

Thursday we finished Presidents Riggs's computer at the mission home and then we worked in the office for awhile. After we finish switching over from the old computers to the new ones we had to wipe all the hard drives from the old ones. In the afternoon we had dinner with the Tolboes and then we had a lesson with Eric, our recent convert, we finally started teaching the new member lessons and this week we teach the second lesson and also talk about baptisms for the dead and set a date to go do those with him. After that lesson we had another lesson with the Gutierrez family where we taught about family history. It was an incredible lesson that even got them more pumped than the last lesson we had. The spirit of Elijah was definitely present and we just had an amazing time with them.

Friday we started clearing out an old apartment that had been closed out for awhile. after we finished with that we weekly planned for the upcoming week which was really good. This past week has been pretty chaotic because the previous week we didn't have a chance to weekly plan and it just didn't go as well. Planning definitely is important. Especially in the office!! Anyways we also had a lesson with a less active guy in the evening who has been away from the church for a little while. He let us know that he had no excuse not to go to church.

Saturday we went to a baptism of a guy the assistants where teaching named Jason. He is a tall black guy who is sweet! He is converted to the gospel for sure! The people that taught him told us that when he felt the spirit, it felt like a nuke had gone off in his body and the feeling spread through his whole body. The reason why we were at the baptism is because Elder Black was playing the piano for the assistants for their special musical number. Elder Black also played the piano for the whole event. He is quite the pianist. I wish I had learned to play the piano. I blame mama bear Hinton for not teaching me.

Fast sunday was good. We sat in on a primary class because they were short a teacher. These 10 year olds are incredible! They know their stuff.

That was our two weeks in a nutshell! It has been busy and hectic with all of these closures and also with switching over the computers. Hopefully we can get the computers shipped out of the office this week and finish all of these apartments we have to do. Things are going well though. this transfer is nearing an end already. It has flown by. We have this week and then next week is transfers!

Elder Hinton


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