August 19, 2013




Elder Robbins

Last Days at MTC

Dear Family, Thanks so much Mom for the Dear Elder letter. It's so funny but being on a mission is exactly like The Best Two Years movie. Every couple of hours we check the mail just to see if someone gets something. It's hilarious! Well anyways, I just wanted to write you to let you know I'm doing great. I am absolutely loving it. My companion is great and all six of us as a district are completely incredible. We have on Elder by the name of Elder Mumm who is a complete little Texan cowboy and he is just hilarious with the stories he tells. Another funny thing that happened is Elder Robbins challenged Elder White to a race in front of the sisters so of course Elder White couldn't back down. So they race and he took off his shoes to run faster and got blisters because the ground was so hot! They are gross! But now we just joke around with him because he is on crutches now I guess the MTC Doctor person thought they were bad enough. If Brett and Marcus are going to Mission Prep then you better be feeding them waffles!! Mission prep was seriously such a blessing to me. The whole time I've been here I've just been coming closer to Christ. What I have learned and the reason why I was sent to the MTC before going to the field was because I needed to become "fully converted" to the Lord. And yes I did get my package! Thanks so much!! There is one problem I have though.. I don't have the charger to my camera.. So I might need to buy one when I get to the field this Wednesday! And that Website looks great! Thanks Mom! Thanks for the addresses too! It is much easier to mail letters than it is to email just because I only get a limited amount of time to be on. I love all of you and wish you all the best. Always look for chances to turn outward. Oh yeah Richard G. Scott came for the devotional last Tuesday and it was pretty Legit. Just thought I'd throw that out there too! There hasn't been one here for like 3-4 months so I was like oh dang!

~Elder Hinton

P.S. My companion is freaking awesome and my district is the sweetest ever. I was so blessed to have them all. I hope to serve in the field with a lot of them. I leave this Wednesday at like 2:30 a.m. so I'll be at the airport about 3-5ish? which is like 2-4ish Arizona time? So if you're awake you can talk to me. If not oh well! Love ya lots.


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