April 13, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Black

Crazy 2 Weeks

Dear Family,
Here are my past two weeks! We've been really busy with transfers and such. Transfers were split up in two weeks. The first week the 30th to the 5th was when the departing missionaries went home and the 6th to the 12th was when the new missionaries came in and when everyone got moved around.

Monday March 30th we did the normal routine, emailed, shopped, and then just us and the assistants went and played basketball at a smaller church building. The Stake Center was down for maintenance so we played at our church building. After P-day ended we had to drive way out to Warrenton (which is one of the furthest apartments away from us) so we could go unlock their apartment door because they had locked themselves out. After that we got to the office and saw there was a medical package that needed to be delivered so we went and delivered that package to the Elder.

Tuesday the 31st we had District meetings. We learned a lot and focused a lot on the Atonement obviously because it was Easter week. After District Meetings we went to the office because one of the senior missionaries wanted to meet with us to coordinate the apartments that we are closing down. Then after that a sister missionary that had to go home and had recently came out again, needed an iPad set up. We made it back in time for our dinner appointment and then right as we got out of the dinner appointment our phone rang and President Riggs asked us if we could drive our van to the Temple visitors center to pick up some "Because He Lives" banners and stuff for the campaign that the Church has been rolling out. So we drove a total of 70 miles round trip up to the Temple.

Wednesday we had to go set up an iPad for an Elder whose speaker was broken. After that we ate lunch really fast and then went to the mission home to do a dry run of all of the stuff we got from the Temple visitors center. That was a mess. We had to switch the banners from the "He Is The Gift" initiative that was in Spanish already on the banners to the "Because He Lives" banners. We also had to set up the thing that was supposed to hold the TV but the TV ended up not working out because the screws were missing. (My guess is the Mexico mission forgot to put them in the box before they shipped it to us). At night we just went to the office and fixed Stake reports before they were supposed to be sent out that evening. We send out Stake reports the first day of every month.

Thursday the 2nd was the day that our departing missionaries were staying the night at the mission home and then going home the following day. We had to go pick up the Uhaul in the middle of the day and then we also had to finish figuring out the "Because He Lives" things. From there we had Dinner at the mission home with the departing missionaries and then we went home at around 8:30ish so we could get some sleep before we had to arise at 3:30 the next morning.

Friday we got up nice and early and put our suits on and headed over to the mission home. On our way to the mission home we almost ran over a deer in our Uhaul truck. I'm pretty sure there were ANGELS involved in carrying that deer across the front of the truck! Anyways we went and picked up the luggage and then drove to Dulles to drop off the luggage. Straight from Dulles we had to go to the Pentagon City Metro station to drop off the "Because He Lives" banners and what not for the event they were doing. The rest of the day we were working out logistical things with all of the companions who had gone home. At the end of the day we went and picked up the "Because He Lives" stuff and found out how the day went for them. They had lots of cool experiences as they had missionaries set up at three different metro stations showing the video on their ipads to people, handing out hundreds and hundreds of the BecauseHeLives pass along cards and inviting people to go check it out.

Saturday morning before General Conference we went back over to the Metro Station to drop it off in the morning. We watched both the morning, afternoon and the Priesthood Sessions of conference at the Stake Center. Between the afternoon and Priesthood sessions, President Riggs took us and the Assistants out to dinner and it just so happens that a set of sisters were already having dinner there with a member so we all dined together. There were about 9 of us there.

Sunday Morning we went and picked up the Banners for the last time as they finished their events. Then we went and watched the morning and afternoon of conferences at the Stake center again. Our Investigator Jeff drove to the Church building to watch it with us but he left because he only had seen like 10 cars and he thought he wasn't at the right place. So that was frustrating. We invited him to watch it at his house. After the second session of conference we had dinner with a solid member missionary family. We challenged them to take a talk to share with a friend of theirs and they thought that was awesome. Oh I also smashed my index finger on my right hand between the general conferences on this day. It got black and blue instantly.

Monday the 6th we went shopping and then we went and emailed and played basketball. After P-day we went and said goodbye to some members of the ward for Elder Smith.

Tuesday we had Zone Training and Elder Smith and I got to teach about using the Law of Chastity pamphlet and using the Book of Mormon in teaching the law of chastity for thirty minutes. After zone training Elder Smith packed for a little and then we had a car meeting with us, the assistants, President Riggs and the carzar. I also called Sister Riggs because my finger that got smashed kept getting bigger and bigger and kept building up pressure. She said that I'm going to lose my fingernail and she told me to try to poke it with a needle and try to get some blood out.

Wednesday we dropped off the "Because He lives" things at the mission home and then we set up the Apple ID's for the new missionaries and then we left to go pick up the new missionaries at the Reagan National Airport. We had dinner at the mission home with the 9 new missionaries that came in. They seem like a pretty good group! Also Wednesday night President Riggs had some last minute revelation about transfers. After we had sent the new missionaries off to bed, President and Sister Riggs, The assistants, and us were discussing some things that are upcoming in our mission and how to get the missionaries motivated. As we sat there and we were talking Sister Riggs said "We should have probably started with a prayer, can we say a prayer?" And then President asked her to offer the prayer. After the prayer we were all having small talk except for President Riggs. He was laser-ed in on his computer. Then all of the sudden he said that Elder White needs to come to be an assistant this transfer. So the assistants made some last minute calls and now there are a trio of assistants in our mission. It was an incredible experience to be in the room and to feel of the spirit that was there as President Riggs received revelation.

Thursday was transfers! This was the day Elder Smith was leaving the office and I felt all of the burden of leading the office switch over to me. It was quite the load! In the morning I set up all of the new missionaries iPads at the trainers meeting and then I went and set up everything for transfers. (Luckily nothing went wrong and everything worked perfectly, prayers were definitely answered this day haha) My new companion is Elder Black. He is number 5 of 10 kids. He is from Spanish Fork Utah. He is one of the best missionaries in our mission. I am extremely lucky to be serving with him right now. Thursday night we had to move some furniture for some missionaries that got moved around and then we went over and introduced Elder Black to our Ward Mission Leader Brother Fleming.

Friday was the busiest day of my whole entire stay as an office Elder. We had like 20 things planned for that day and I have no clue how we got them all done! Bright and early we left right after our personal study time to go and drop off furniture from our van to the storage shed so we had an empty van and then we ran to the office to pick up some stuff from one of the senior couples to take to some Elders that were moving today. After that we rushed out to switch out a phone for some missionaries because their phone wasn't working. After that we picked up some extra furniture from some missionaries that have been nagging us to come get the extra furniture for awhile. We took the extra furniture directly over to a missionaries apartment who broke their bed so we had to replace it. Straight from there we drove over to the Elders that we were supposed to move for the day. It was 4 Elders that were living together that were moving from their apartment into 2 separate apartments. It was an incredibly hard move. They were moving from a 3rd floor with only stairs up to a 3rd floor that only had stairs and I'm pretty sure they also had the heaviest desks in the mission. Elder Black and I killed ourselves moving everything because the other Elders didn't help us much because they weren't the strongest set of missionaries in our mission. After we finally finished moving them we drove and picked up some more furniture from missionaries apartments who were no longer in trios and then came to the office to fix another missionaries phone. All during the day too while all of that was going on our phone was going off nonstop with texts and calls asking for help about their Ipads or some reports that people wanted or yadda yadda yadda. It was crazy!

Saturday we had to go set up some missionaries accounts and pick up some more furniture and then we finally had some time to sit down and weekly plan and also plan for the transfer that was ahead of us. We have about 7 more apartments to close and they seem to just keep coming. We had dinner with out Bishop which was good. Elder Black got to introduce himself to Bishop's family. After that we ran over to the ward clerk to ask for some lists and then we had a Family Home Evening with an incredible family. (The family that called my mom and asked her what my favorite desert was and asked Elder Smiths mom what his favorite food was and then made them for us). They are a solid family that has the gospel embedded in their lives. It's sweet.

Sunday we had our early morning ward correlation and counsel meetings and then we had Church from 3 to 6. Our Church service was all about Easter and it was really powerful. Our Sacrament meeting went about 10 minutes over. The speakers and the music just all fit in together and everyone was paying attention and it was just wonderful. After Church we had dinner with a family who loves us to give them challenges so we gave them the same challenge of sharing a conference talk with someone. (We had challenged them the previous week to give away a book of Mormon and one of the little girls gave her Book of Mormon away to her Dentist and had a great experience).

Thats was our crazy past two weeks. I dont think I got close to everything in there. Sorry its such a long letter! Love ya'll!

Elder Kurtis Hinton


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