August 12, 2013


Provo M.T.C.


Elder Robbins

First letter!

Hey Mom! The first day at the MTC was very long but also fantastic. The MTC experience has been great, my companion is Elder Robbins from Lakepoint, Utah. Flying up to the MTC there were about 15 elders and 3 sisters on my plane, one of which is going to my same mission. His name is Elder Palmer and I've been able to become good friends with him. He went to Gilbert High School and having him there with me on the plane was super fun. It turned out that he was also in my same district. My district consists of me, Elder Robbins, Elder Palmer, Elder Westover, Elder White, and Elder Mumm. On the second day we were able to joke around and make fun of each other. I know that God put us all together for a reason and all six of us are closely connected. We are seriously one of the best districts here. The Teachers here are truly amazing and I've learned so much from them. They teach by the spirit and that's the exact same way we are supposed to teach. My companion and I have been teaching this girl Lacy (our teacher acting as an investigator) and it was really hard at first but now we are getting the hang of it. I can't wait for our real first investigator who is actually to be taught by us today. The spirit that is here is outstanding and I can't wait to bring it to the mission field. I am actually in the Wyview Campus instead of the main campus and I just love it over here. Yes I miss out on privileges like indoor basketball courts but I'm just fine without it. Oh and by the way 5 of the 6 of us completely love basketball and we are all ballers so yea there's another testament that we were all meant to be. The food over here is great! I haven't been able to work out much though because my days are extremely busy so I'm going to be fat again.. At least until I get out to the field. Tell Kyler that's super awesome and I want to hear his computer! Also tell Brett and Marcus that Mission Prep really does prepare you for this. I feel so much more prepared than all of the other missionaries and I know that attending mission prep was a blessing in my life. They'll both do great on their missions. I love you too. Send love and thanks to all those who have been thinking and praying about me. Prep days are Mondays by the way.

Love, ELder Kurtis Hinton.
P.S. I need everyone's emails and addresses so I can either write or email people! Please send me all you've got. Friends/Family.


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