March 30, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Smith


Dear Family,

So this week started off with going out to lunch at Quiznos with the assistants and President Riggs and then we went "bolfing" which is a mixture between bowling and golf. I did this once before with President at the beginning of my mission with my trainer Elder Flaherty. After we got done bolfing we went and played frisbee golf with him at the Burke Lake park. So it was a really fun
preparation day haha.

Tuesday was district meetings, our district leader had us all present a topic in preach my gospel for 10 minutes. My assignment was using members in teaching. We also had a African American guy come in and said his car broke down and needed some money (I've seen this guy before and he has a different story every time. I'm pretty sure he goes from church to church just asking for money.) anyways.. After
district meetings we had to drive up to Ashburn to take Elder Bateman (one of my previous companions) a phone because they had dropped theirs while hiking Great Falls. Once we got back from Ashburn we had dinner with one of our ward missionaries. They both told me that I look like Matt Damond. I've gotten that from like 4 people on mission now. I'll take that as a compliment for sure. After dinner we
went and cleared out an apartment.

Wednesday was the departing temple trip. The assistants get to go to
that. And since they were at that, our carzar Elder Lowe asked if we wanted to go pick up the new truck that had came in for the assistants. And of course we said yes! So we drove up to Maryland with Elder Lowe and we go to get the truck and I spotted the truck and noticed it had a dent on it. So we talk to the guy and we couldn't take the truck because of the dent. They need to fix it before we drive it off the lot. The new truck looks incredible though! The
assistants were pretty mad that we went up to pick up their truck haha. They calmed down after they found out we didn't get to drive it off the lot though. Hopefully Elder Lowe comes to us next time as well! Muhahaha

Thursday we had to go to return and report meeting (a meeting where
the trainers and the trainees come in and return and report how the
beginning of the new missionaries mission is going). We also had to present on safeguards for using technology at that meeting. That went
well. We have been going and sharing the "Because He Lives" video at all the members houses and inviting them to share it with everyone as well. Also sharing it on their social medias.

Friday we had mission leadership counsel where all the zone leaders
and sister training leaders and what not come to counsel together about the people in the mission. That was a really great meeting. President Riggs does an amazing job at running the mission. After mission leadership counsel we had a dinner with a new family in the
ward, the Groths! They are tight! They live out in Fairfax Station and have a beautiful home out in the woods, they have a nice life out there. Brother Groth runs some cyber security business and does pretty well. Elder Smith and I learned a lot going over to dinner at their house. The Groths just moved from a ward in Quantico Bay in Woodbridge and they had like 50 baptisms just in that 1 ward last year. Crazy!

Saturday we moved some beds because a Sister missionary had just returned to our mission. She had left to go have surgery back home and made it back out in like two weeks.

Sunday we had fast Sunday and also a fifth Sunday lesson on missionary
work. The Sisters and us stood in front of the ward and asked for suggestions of ideas to put into their own family ward mission plans. So that was great. We also had youth speak about missionary work and we had Eric who just got baptized to speak in front of the ward. He gave a shout out to Elder Smith and I in front of the ward haha. After church Eric took us to a new member fireside where new members give a talk about their stories and how they came to find the church. We figured that would be good for Eric to hear other people's stories. That was a pretty good meeting. Eric is doing well.

That was our week! Love you all! Enjoy general conference this week! I'm stoked to watch it! #becausehelives don't you think he still speaks?! Easter week! Remember Jesus!

Love, Elder Kurtis Hinton


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