March 23, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Smith

Fantastic Week

Dear Family,
Monday we had our preparation day. We were supposed to go play some 7 on 7 touch football but we got ran off the field by a group of girl lacrosse players. After that happened we decided to go and play some basketball on some 9 foot hoops with the Elders in our zone and also with the people on the street. We had a really good time at this small court where we played basketball. The people we played against obviously thought we were incredible. They were just a ton of young high school students who thought they were all that. At the end of the day on Monday we went over to a less active family's home for a short family home evening lesson where we taught them the basics of prayer. The who to pray to, why do we pray, how do we pray, what do we pray for, and when shall we pray.

Tuesday we had our first "Specialized Training Event" where President Riggs and the Assistants taught two zones at a time for the space of like 7 hours. 1 hour was for lunch though. So on Tuesday we went to the Mount Vernon and Alexandria zones. We had to set up the technology for the event and made sure that it worked all the way through so we had quite the job ahead of us. So Tuesdays event went well. They are teaching on "Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon" and how we can use the Book of Mormon better in our teaching. The basis of Flooding the Earth was from a talk given by President Ezra Taft Benson in the October session of General Conference in 1988. Go give that talk a reading if you have a chance. We also learned how to use the pamphlets that we hand out to people more effectively. We were taught on planning and why we have Ipads. So there was a lot of material that was covered within the 6 hours of teaching. After the event we went to a members home for dinner and shared with them some thoughts about flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon and then after that we had to go move around some beds.

Wednesday was the Specialized training event for the Annandale and McLean Zones. Since Annandale was our zone this is the one that we participated the most in. We still had to have all the technology stuff working though. That meeting went well. After that event we went to a member family for dinner, The Blaines! They have us over for dinner quite a bit and they always have crazy fancy desserts. After dinner we had to move yet again some more furniture.

Thursday was the same thing. had the specialized training event for the Centreville and the Oakton Zones. I also had an sweet old 90 year lady give me the bird while driving which was pretty humorous to me. She had her blinker on to move over to the left lane because she was in the right lane. So I drop back and give her plenty of room to move over. By plenty of room I mean like you could have fit 5 or more cars between her and me. After for about a mile and a half of driving like that and her still having her blinker on I drive past her and think nothing of it. Well she pulls up right next to us and I can see her staring at me in peripherals so I decide to look over and she made eye contact with me and just flips up the bird. It was hilarious. I couldn't help but to laugh. I was just left thinking "hmm I wonder why she was flipping me off, is it because I look like one of the young punk rising generation that she just despises or is she legitimately mad at me". At the end of the day we had a drop off dinner and then we went and closed down an apartment.

Friday we had our last and final specialized training event for the Ashburn and Leesburg Zones. By the 4th time of hearing the same exact material it got pretty boring. During this last event we got to slip away for about an hour or two to help one of the senior couples move. They are finished with their mission and asked for our help. Their names are the Collins. The sweetest couple ever. Elder Collins was the carzar for the mission and Sister Collins was the referral secretary. Sister Collins always would slip us money to go to lunch. She is a sweet lady. They both have told us to come visit them in San Diego after the mission to go sailing with them. haha They are awesome. After we finished moving them we went back to the event and took down and then we had a dinner with a part member family. It is actually Eric's family, the young man that we have been teaching and got baptized. His mother is a member but her husband is not. The Husband isn't Eric's dad though. We had a really good time with them though. Sister Weber, Eric's Mom, kept telling Greg, her husband, how they were going to serve senior missions after he gets baptized. We also talked about how Eric wants to serve a mission and how he wants to come out with us on splits!

Saturday we just did office stuff all day. We cleared out our storage shed by taking a huge load of stuff to the dump. That was an interesting experience. After that we just moved around furniture for missionaries.

Sunday we had our missionary correlation meeting and our ward council meeting. After those meetings we went back to our apartment and had studies and lunch and then we went to the office. At the office we prepared for our Sunday School lesson that we were teaching. We taught second hour gospel principals class the roles and responsibilities of family members, Parents, fathers, mothers, and then children. Jeff also showed up to church but he only showed up for sacrament meeting. He hasn't been texting us back or responding to us which has been weird for him. we are hoping and praying that everything is going well for him. After church we had two members that we went and visited and they each had food for us to eat. This ward is so loving haha.

This week has been fantastic! Hope all is well for everyone.

Elder Kurtis Hinton


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