March 2, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Smith


Dear Family,

Hey everyone! I apologize I didn't send a report of the past week. It
has been an incredible last two weeks lets just start out with that.

So these past two weeks we have been still teaching Jeff but starting
Saturday the 28th we have been teaching Eric a ton. We had already
taught the restoration at a members house (the Dixon's) and went over
it again at the Dixon's and taught prayer big time. This time we had a
lesson on the plan of salvation at another members house (the
Payton's) on the 28th and everything went flawless. Eric is preparing
to go to boot camp but after the lesson that Saturday he said he
wanted to get baptized before he went. And then he told us that he
wanted to leave to boot camp the beginning of March and so he wanted
to set his baptism date on March 7th (this past week). But we had only
covered lessons 1 and 2 and we still had like 4 more lessons to teach
and a baptismal interview all in a week! So we scheduled all of the
lessons and we have been extremely busy this past week!

Sunday church was canceled because of frozen rain and slippery weather
conditions. But it was okay because Eric had already been to church
like over 5 times. Also because of the snow and weather conditions us
and the assistants just did office work all day.

Monday was preparation day and we went down to Mount Vernon to drop a
phone off so it just so happens that we got to drop by the Mount
Vernon stake center and play basketball with everyone in my last zone.
It was fun playing with Elder Oyler and Elder Tesch again. They are my
best buds on the mission. After Preparation hours we had a lesson on
the gospel of Jesus Christ and some commandments, obedience, following
the prophet, the word of wisdom and tithing at the Payton's house
which went incredible, Eric was still solid and looking forward to
Saturday and was so on board with everything we taught him,

Tuesday we had an exchange and Elder Smith and our District Leader
Elder Blanchard taught him as many commandments as possible. I think
they went over the 10 commandments and some small ones like prayer,
scriptures and keeping the sabbath day holy.

Wednesday we had a lesson with him to finish up the commandments and
go over the baptismal interview questions. We went over the law of
chastity, the law of the fast and fast offerings, and also obeying and
honoring the law. After the lesson we played a quick game of 21 and
also a game of horse. He is pretty good at basketball. He is actually
just an all around athlete.

Thursday was supposed to be the baptismal interview but once again we
had icy conditions and he couldn't make it to the church so we had to
have it the day before the baptism. We had weekly planning day on
Thursday because of the icy conditions.

Friday we had the baptism interview at the church and Elder Blanchard
did the interview and he passed! After the interview we had to take
Elder Geohagan and Elder Blanchard to their lesson.

Saturday we were really busy. In the morning we did some moving around
of some furniture and then a bed. The baptism was at 5 but we wanted
to meet with Eric an hour beforehand to get everything squared away.
Brother Dixon, the first fellow shipper, did the baptism. Elder Smith
and I were the witnesses for the baptism. We had two talks from ward
members and also we got Jeff to see the baptism and he is still
looking forward to being baptized. It will take us a couple weeks
though. Eric just inhaled all of the information and internalized it
real fast which was amazing to see.

Sunday we had President and Sister Riggs come to our ward to speak
which was just the greatest thing ever. Brother Payton, the other
fellow shipper, did the confirmation and us, bishop, and brother Dixon
sat in on it as well. We also had Jeff come to church with us so he
got to see President and Sister Riggs speak which was great. The best
part about President Riggs's talk was that he praised us for about 5
minutes and called us office heroes and tells the whole ward that we
are the only missionaries he can trust in the mission to go around and
be the office elders and then he switches his talk over and talks to
Eric for about 10 minutes of his talk and addresses the subject of
real intent. It was an incredible talk. After the talk Elder Smith and
I finished church with leading the sharing time in both junior and
senior primaries about prophets! It was tight!

So that was my past week or so! I've absolutely loved these past two
weeks. There are lots and lots of more details about each day but
those were the highlights that I picked out. Love ya'all!

Elder Kurtis Andrew Hinton

Oh on a side note... The past Office Elders the past 3 or more years
haven't baptized. So that was an incredible blessing and the ward is
just loving us after this baptism and President Riggs praising us
during sacrament haha. (Oh and we had like 50ish people show up for
Eric's baptism! It was tight.) Pics will come soon!


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