February 23, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Smith


Dear Family,
So here's my update for two weeks ago. Working in the mission office we ran out of time this last preparation day to finish emailing and do a lot of stuff because we had to go move someone on our preparation day.

So two Monday's ago, Presidents' Day, we went and played sports at the stake center with our zone. We played some volleyball and some basketball. After dinner we went to the mission office to work on some transfer things because it was transfer week. It also snowed pretty good on the previous day and it was still snowing. Monday night is when the assistants call all of the missionaries who are going into leadership positions.

Tuesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer. It was funny because no one knows anything about the upcoming transfers except the office elders and the assistants to the president but we have to keep it confidential. So I had lots of people asking me for details about transfers. We worked in the mission office during the day and then us and the assistants went to dinner at one of the senior couples house who works in the office. The Anderson's! They are fun to work with. After dinner we ran over to Staples to make some copies of the 2014 Christmas yearbook for the senior couples in our mission that wanted them. While at Staples we contacted the worker there who is really religious and loves the bible and is actively wanting to learn more. So that was cool. We got his name and phone number. And then after staples we went to the mission office and met the assistants to do transfer calls (we just call everyone and let them know if they are getting transferred or not. We don't tell them where they are getting transferred to). So that is always a fun night. The whole transfer week was very interesting because President Riggs was out of town from like Monday morning till Wednesday afternoon. He actually flew in with the missionaries that were entering our mission on the same flight.

Wednesday we had to go get a Uhaul for the luggage of the 7 missionaries that are coming in and then also for the 20 missionaries that were departing. So we went and picked up the Uhaul and then we had lunch and then we went to the Ronald Reagan national airport to pick up the luggage for President and Sister Riggs and the newbies. Right from the airport we went to the mission home to drop off the luggage while the assistants got to do the fun part and drive them around DC to see some monuments and stuff and then they met us at the mission home as well. At the mission home we got to eat dinner with the new missionaries and then Elder Smith and I had to set up their Ipads and then the assistants showed them a slideshow about our mission. We also had to make an office run late at night to go and get all the supplies that we needed to set up the transfer meeting for Thursday.

Thursday was transfer meeting! Transfer meetings start early for us and the assistants and the new missionaries and their trainers. It's pretty much an all day thing. So in the morning we left to the stake center to set up everything and then Elder Raban (the old assistant that is now departing) and I went on a few trips to pick some things up. An Elder left his wallet at the hotel they stayed at. Elder Raban forgot something at our apartment that he needed to get before he flew out. So I got to ride around and talk with him for awhile which was fun. We got back just in time for some firehouse subs for lunch. After lunch we had the transfer meeting! Everyone departed to their new areas after that and we got to take all the luggage of the missionaries that are departing to the mission home. We also got to eat the delicious departing meal with them as well. Which is Ribs, cheesy potatoes, and delicious vegetables. It was really weird because this transfer all of the sisters that come out at the same time as me were going home. So it was a neat experience to be in the office and see the sisters that came to the field with me depart.

Friday we had to get up extremely early to get our suits on and then get the Uhaul over to the mission home to take everyone to the airport. We woke up at 4:20ish and went and picked up the luggage and the assistants drove our van and drove the missionaries to the airport, along with President Riggs. It was sad to see the missionaries go! After we drop them off we are allotted some time to take a nap after the long hours of the transfer week. So we went and did so. After our naps we were right back on the road again to switch around beds for missionaries that got placed into trio companionships and just logistical things like that. And that took up the rest of our night.

Saturday it was snowing again and we were just starting our day off and everything was fine and dandy and then all of the sudden I remembered about Wesley's Baptism!! So we had about 15 minutes until 11 and we just book it over to the church to siphon some wifi to skype. Well we find out we made it in time with time to spare too. So then we leave from the church and book it over to the mission office to use that wifi instead only to find out that the wifi wasn't working and we had no clue why. So I'm all worried I won't be able to see the baptism now and I also told Kinsey that Im there and she can call me on skype when Wesley was about to be baptized so I'm starting to stress because of the wifi problem. So instead I just hop on one of the mission office computers that was plugged straight into the network and downloaded Skype and then got it just in time to see Wesley get baptized. Unfortunately the people at Wesleys baptism couldn't see or hear me but I got to see my papa baptize my nephew and it was an incredible feeling to see that happen. Even through a computer I was able to feel the spirit touch my heart as I got to see that event. So it was quite the event from my side of the story to get to see it on skype. But God is good and he made it happen! It was also scary driving in the snow for the first time while I was trying to get places quickly. Don't worry I wasn't driving too fast or crazy. Plus Angels are watching over us haha. For the rest of the day we moved some desks, did some office work, weekly planned and prepared for the upcoming week.

Sunday we had our church meetings. We had church meetings but we didn't have any investigators at church because they were both out of town. Sunday after church we had dinner with a member family and then we went over to a less active family and we had another dinner. We are getting too fed in this world haha.

So that's my update from two weeks ago. It was a very busy and hectic week with transfers especially since President Riggs and Sister Riggs was gone for a lot of it.


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