February 16, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Smith


Dear Family,
So on Monday we had a great cold preparation day. Elder Raban who is
returning home from his mission this week wanted to go to the Arlington Cemetery so we all went down there and got to see lots of graves. We got to see JFK's grave and his eternal flame thingy. And then we also got to go to the tomb of the unknown solider and got to see the changing of the guard event that happens only once every hour on the hour. So that was a really neat experience. It was a very spiritual atmosphere at the Cemetery. There was lots of silence and respect and it was really peaceful. So yes the Tomb of the Unknown Solider is always guarded every hour on the hour. Back when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast they thought about not putting guards out but the guards decided against it and still went out and guarded it because they always wanted someone guarding the tomb. After preparation day we just did some office chores because we are just jam packed coming up to transfer week and there were some emergency
transfers that happened.

Tuesday we had zone training where Elder Robbins and Elder Walters our
zone leaders taught us about accountability and also we had the sisters teach us about planning and daily goal setting. Right after the zone
training we got to go on an exchange with our district leader and his companion Elder Geohagan and I got to go back to the Burke Ward to work with Elder Geohagan for the day!! That was sweet! We prepared for some lessons that we had and then we had dinner and then taught a less active guy that I knew when I was in Burke and then we taught a member present lesson with two catholic girls who know their stuff about Catholicism. Which was really surprising! We had a great lesson with
them though and we made sure to maintain the spirit in the lesson. It
was fun to be out in a proselyting area again where you proselyte all day instead of just usually nights and when you aren't really busy.

Wednesday we switched back from the exchange pretty early because Elder Smith and I had to go clear out an apartment and then bring the keys back to Elder Anderson the senior missionary who works on apartment leases in the office. After that we did some office tasks, help the senior couples out, worked on documents, etc. and then we went to dinner. After dinner Elder Smith and I came back to the office to prepare for a online proselyting training that we had to teach on Thursday. This may have been the night we hung out with President
Riggs in the office for a good while. haha.

Thursday we had return and report meeting where all the missionaries
being trained come and meet together to report on how things are going. This is also where Elder Smith and I presented our PowerPoint. After that we had to go switch out some Ipads because Elder Smith accidentally installed some of the Ipads wrong and we had to recall them haha. We then went to dinner with the relief society president and her husband who made thse super delicious ribs!! Mmmm! And then after that we had a lesson with Jeff, our investigator who is on date
for baptism! Instead of this Saturday though it is next Saturday.

Friday we had our weekly planning day. We also went and switched out
two more Ipads during the middle of the day and then we also had to
move stuff from our storage shed into a missionaries apartment and then we brought a bed to a set of sisters who got emergency transferred and put into a trio.

Saturday we did some work in the office and then we switched out one
of our last iPads haha and then we had dinner and then we had our adult session of stake conference where Elder Anthony Perkins of the 70 came to speak with us. Jeff was also able to attend that which was sweet!

Sunday was stake conference. One or two of the speakers didn't show up
so they called on some people to come bear their testimonies. Some recent converts did a really good job! President Riggs, President Busch (our stake president), and Elder Perkins all gave really great talks. We also had a Valentine's dinner with a member family in the ward! They had the whole table and everything set up all nice and
valentines like. This Ward is so loving! It's the best. After dinner we went to a less actives house who had one of our previous investigators over so we had to go and have another dinner. We tried
to tell them we already had dinner but after he prayed that our stomachs would make room for some more food we both decided to have another huge dinner.. Haha. After our second dinner we came back to the office to finish our night with key indicators and also to start on stuff for this transfer week! It's really neat because the Sunday night before transfer we get to see what's happening before everyone else! So we got to see everything yesterday. It was tight!

Anyways that is my week! It has been extremely cold this week! It got
to 6 degrees one day and has snowed and has been about 10 degrees for
the past two days! Burrrr!!

Love, Elder Hinton


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