January 26, 2015


Burke, Virginia


Elder Smith

Great Week

Alrighty! So last monday we played basketball for preparation day. Elder Smith bought some new kicks so he needed to try them out. After dinner we went and moved a mattress for some missionaries because something was wrong with the one that they had. Then we came back to the office to skype the Rademachers but we found out once we got here that Kinsey was working late so we rescheduled. It was okay though because Elder Smith and I had some office work to do so we just finished the night in the office.

Tuesday we had district meetings. Our whole zone was doing a Book of Mormon river run this past week where we needed to place a Book of Mormon with a specific reading assignment and then follow up with it all in this week. And once we did that we texted the zone leaders saying "Bite" So that was fun. Elder Smith and I only got two bites this week because we have been busy! After district meetings we came to the mission office to do some work. We finished making some transfer cards and then we sent some emails to parents who want us to ship their bikes home. (we dont ship bikes home... They have to pay for it). We also worked on some missionaries phones who came into the office complaining that their phone didn't work. I think in a total of 2 days I was on the phone with Sprint for like 2 hours trying to solve a problems with phones. At night we went out and checked up on some part member families and some potentials and we also saw some HUGE mansions in our area.

Wednesday after studies we ran straight to the office to grab some keys to an apartment that we are closing down and then we made a trek way across the mission to do some things in Leesburg. Once we got to Leesburg we gave one set of sisters a box spring because I guess they didn't have one or maybe theirs was just broken. Then we went over to another set of sisters and switched out their Ipad with a different Ipad because their sound wasn't working. Then we went and picked up a bike in one Elders area and gave to another Elders area. Every time we go to Leesburg we make sure we have tons of stuff to do up there and we get it all done because it's a long trip (about 45 minute drive). After we got back from Leesburg we had dinner with a member family.

Thursday we came into the office and Elder Smith worked on some Mission History while I worked on getting measurements of all of the furniture in the office because we may be moving offices across the hall. That isn't finalized yet but it is getting pretty close. If it does happen we have a lot of moving to do from one office to the other office. After we worked on that for awhile we weekly planned for the upcoming week and then we went to dinner to another member families home. At the end of the night we had a MLC conference call with all of the Mission Leadership Council which consists of all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders and the assistants and us and President Riggs. During the call President Riggs told us that we will be getting rid of some extra key indicators that our mission has been tracking. Which means that we need to fix the reporting document that we send to Salt Lake!

Friday we were out traveling quite a bit. Some sisters that are in a trio were living beneath their means and a senior couple called us and told us to get them some furniture and just some everyday items that they needed. So we scavenged some of the apartments that we are closing down for those items and then went and gave the stuff to them. We also drove past a Maserati and Ferrari dealership in Tyson's Corner. That was pretty sweet. We came back to work on the reporting document so we could have it ready by Sunday. After dinner we went over to a less active families house and had a lesson with them! Which was really sweet because they just love the missionaries but they are having a hard time getting the family all together to just do the basics of the gospel and they really want to. So it was good to remind them of that and then we will also be going over there every Monday to start having family home evenings with them! So that will be fun! After we finished with that lesson we got a call earlier from Sister Riggs saying that someone in the Burke Ward had a sofa that they were giving away and so we had to go get that. It was a really nice sofa! Then we also went and looked at another couch from someone else in our ward who is moving away to see if it was in good enough condition for missionaries to use it.

Saturday we went and dropped off that sofa that we picked up in the storage shed and then we went and picked up that couch from the Browns in our ward. (The Browns are from Arizona and Sister Brown worked at Highland for a few years as an English teacher. She said she new the Wallace's pretty well). After we picked up the couch and dropped it off in the storage shed we went to lunch with a member and then we came back to the office to finish weekly planning and some things in the office. (There is always something to be doing when we are in the office. Its insane!) We gave Jeff our investigator a call to see how reading the Book of Mormon was going and to see if he was going to be able to make it out to Church and he seemed happier than normal and he had read a little and told us he would be at Church. Which was sweet! After dinner us and the assistants needed to go a clear out one of the like 5 apartments that we are closing because we are running out of time. So it looks like Elder Smith and I are going to be very very busy moving things this week. Oh and while the 4 of us where moving everything out of the apartment one of the assistants bent down to grab a couch and completely ripped his pants. Like all the way from the front all the way to the back! It was hilarious!!

Sunday was a day FULL of Proselyting!! Which was awesome! So we had ward correlation and ward council in the morning and then we went and took a little lunch and then we had a lesson set up in a members home to teach Eric! Eric is a non member who has been coming to Church the past like 3 weeks and has also been coming to mutual and playing church basketball with the youth. His mother is a member but she got divorced and he was living in Kansas but now moved here with his Mom and so he has just been coming to all of the church activities, it's sweet! But we finally got to teach him. We taught the restoration and it went pretty well. Eric is really smart and picked it all up pretty quick. I thought my teaching was pretty rough because I hadn't taught the restoration in a good little bit. Obviously I need to be practice teaching that some more to have my teaching on par with being in the office. But it was a good lesson non the less! After that lesson we went to church where we had 3 investigators there with us. Jeff was one of the three which was cool because he seemed happier! It was cool to see. Things are looking upward for him and that's great! Then also Eric was there. After Church we had dinner with a member and then we came back to the office to finish off the night by teaching the Rademacher's the law of tithing and fast offerings.

So we had a pretty great week even though we did lots and lots of mission office work! God blessed us big time for all of the time that we don't have to proselyte I guess. Elder Smith and I are doing great together. Another thing I like about being in the office is going around and seeing all these missionaries and hearing their success stories. That is pretty neat!

Elder Hinton


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