December 22, 2014


Mt. Vernon


Elder Tesch

Lots of Service

Hey Mom and Dad! I'm excited to talk to you guys and the Fam on Christmas!!
I'll just send a letter about how my week went and I'll look forward
to talking to you on Christmas and I'll answer all of your emails and

So Last Monday we ended up going to Great Falls again with some other
Elders. That was really beautiful. After P-Day ended we had a dinner
appointment with the senior couple that is in my District and also
works in our ward. That was really fun! Sister Sampson is a really
good cook too! They are like my Grandparents out here on the mission!
They're the best! After dinner we went over to check on our investigator and we got a return appointment for Wednesday.

Tuesday we had district meetings in the morning. I taught on using members out in our proselyting and also how we can use these members to find solid investigators. The district meeting went really well. We had dinner in the evening with this older couple in the ward that are pretty crazy! They have some ideas about things that we don't even need to worry about. And of course they ask us for our opinions on the subject. Ugh! After dinner we walked around because we didn't have
anything set and then Elder Tesch and I both think we need to see this family that we knocked into. This family is so prepared! We just pretty much taught in accordance to their questions they asked us. And then we volunteered to help them do some service on Wednesday! (Our Wednesday was packed!) but we couldn't pass up doing service for our investigators! Plus the cause of the service was amazing!

Wednesday was CRAZY! So we went in the morning to do some service for
Brother Boyer to get some furniture from another family that are moving out of the ward. Somehow, it was a miracle, we got this humongous TV up three flights of stairs that had very narrow hallways. I'm telling you it was a miracle! After that service we got a call
while we were doing that to go help another member. So we got dropped off from one service project to the next. And at the second one we were carrying up dry wall and tearing down the basement of the house! It was lots of hard work but it was fun! After we finished tearing down the basement we ran home and had no time to change in our proselyting clothes to go do another service project. Except this service project wasn't too much manual labor.. Well I guess it was, haha. We got to put together 220 chickens with a pound of rice and a pound of beans together in baggies and then we went to a school where the families could use these Christmas dinners and provided meals for them to cook! It was a really good experience to see all of these people who felt they were so blessed by what we were doing. And this was the service project that our investigator hooked us up with. After we got done doing service we biked home and finally took showers and changed into our proselyting clothes and had dinner! After dinner we went out on exchanges with a ward missionary and saw one of our investigators Anthony and we taught him the plan of salvation and also about church attendance. We kind of were a little too bold to him
about coming to church. But hey it turned out to be a good lesson!

Thursday Elder Tesch and I walked around all morning and in the
afternoon. We had our interviews with our mission president. It's always good to see the mission president. Especially President Riggs! So interviews went well and then we came home and had our
dinner that was dropped off to us earlier in the day. Unfortunately the family couldn't have us over for dinner which was sad.

Friday was our weekly planning day but we had to move some of it over to Saturday. During the middle of the day we went to the church with the Sisters so I could interview their investigator for baptism! That was a really cool experience. She has a really cool story and she is so ready to have a firm foundation in the Church. We had dinner with our Bishop. He took us out to 5 Guys. After he dropped us off we
went and headed out to see some members and we checked up on some of our investigators. We only found the members home though.

Saturday in the morning the Sisters investigator got baptized. That
was a really good baptism! Every single baptism I go to the spirit is just so strong at the ordinance which is so cool. After the baptism we came back and planned and then had dinner at the other Elders apartment.

Sunday was INCREDIBLE! So in the morning we got a hold of our solid family. Cesar, Barbra and Barbra! We shared "He is the Gift" video and had a discussion with them. After we talked with them awhile they set up our return appointment and they also gave us a Paneton. Some kind of Peruvian cake that has bits of fruit in it. I guess we are supposed to eat it on Christmas Eve. Anyways after that meeting we rushed off to Church! Our investigator Gene came to church again. He has been coming pretty regularly now which is cool. And at church we also saw a
new Bishopric get called! So that was interesting! This is the second time this has happened on my mission. We also had our Christmas program after all of that releasing and callings and testimonies from everyone! So it was a really REALLY long sacrament meeting. After Church ended we took a member out with us who is going to be THE
perfect fellowshipper for a family that we are working with. We had a great discussion with them. And then in the evening we got to skype Kinsey and Robbie's family to teach their family the missionary lessons!

So that was my week! I probably forgot some of it but oh well! I have a bad memory! Love ya'll! Can't wait to talk to my family on Christmas!
Love, Elder Hinton


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