December 8, 2014


Mt. Vernon


Elder Tesch

He Is The Gift

WOOOHOO! Christmas is almost hear!

Last Monday was pretty lame. We just went shopping with our zone leaders and then Elder Tesch cut Elder Macias's hair. And then we just sat around. After preparation day though we had a stellar night! So I challenged everyone in my district the previous week before to write their testimony in a Book of Mormon and give it to a person on the street that they find. Well Elder Tesch and I didn't hand out ours yet and here it is the night before we were supposed to have it done by. So Elder Tesch and I go out and get it done! We were going around knocking doors, stopping everyone on the street and shared the "He is the gift" video with them. It is amazing how well it works! I have a testimony in that video that it softens hearts!

So Tuesday for district meetings I didn't have anything really set in stone prepared like I normally do. I didn't know why either. But after Monday night I knew exactly what I was going to teach on. So we talked about how we could use "He is the Gift" most effectively. After meetings we went on exchanges. Elder Erickson, our zone leader, came to our area in Mount Vernon with me. Which it was really cool because he is from Arizona (he went to Queen Creek high school), and he is related to the Weight family who lives in my home ward. So we had an enjoyable day talking about Arizona as we walked around and talked to quite a few Spanish potentials that we had for them. (Our zone leaders are spanish elders)

Wednesday we had dinner with one of my favorite couples in the ward. They are hilarious! Elder Tesch also knows the missionary that knocked into them. The couple are converts of twenty so years and the missionary that knocked into them was Elder Tesch's seminary teacher. We also had an appointment fall through so we biked all he way from one side of our area to the other side to go meet up with one of our investigators.

Thursday we had a 1/3 mission conference. President Riggs taught us on charity and love. Especially for the month of December (charity is the theme of our mission this month). The assistants taught on key indicators. And then Sister Riggs taught on baptismal calendars. It was a good but long meeting. After the meeting was over and we got dropped off we only had 20 minutes to bike from our apartment to one corner of our area. So we high tailed it and made it in time for dinner. Shared the message of "He is the Gift" and the kids took the video and went and showed their friends! It was so awesome! I love kids! After dinner we had to yet again bike from that corner of our area to the other corner of our area. So we have definitely been putting on the miles this week.

Friday we borrowed the Sister's car to go do service with the other Elders in our ward to rake leaves for a family who can't take leaves. So that was really nice to help them out. We rushed from raking to going to a recent convert lesson. We also had dinner (pizza party) with the other Elders because we didn't have a dinner that night. And we also did some weekly planning on Friday.

Saturday we were all over the place. Nothing exciting happened. Just a so so day. We did have dinner with a member family though and they kids were super excited and gave us cookies they made for us for Christmas! I love this time of year!

Sunday we had ward council in the morning and then we had church. Both Gene and Jane came to church!! And we didn't sit by them. They sat by a ward member and then after sacrament meeting the whole ward just like rushed them and introduced themselves to them. It was incredible to see! Because we had been trying to get people to sit by Gene for awhile now. And also to get people to come up to him. But since Jane came as well miracles happened! So that was really cool. After church we had a dinner with a member family who are converts. (I love hearing conversion stories!) and then we went and tried talking to the people who let us interrupt and join their Thanksgiving party. The guy told us to come back later this week though because they had lice that they were dealing with and he didn't want us to have it!

That was our week! This week has already been full and it has been a fun week. My next letter will be better! Sorry!

Love y'all,

Elder Hinton


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