December 1, 2014


Mt. Vernon


Elder Tesch

Thanksgiving and SNOW

Dear Family,
Monday we had preparation day. We went over to Jones Point park. Underneath the Woodrow Wilson bridge. And played basketball outside. It was a really nice day outside so we decided to play outside. It was like in the 60's! After preparation day ended the Sampsons (the senior couple serving in our ward) picked us up to take us to a dinner at another member's house. They invited both us and the Sampsons over. It was awesome! After dinner we went and had a restoration lesson with a family that we are teaching! Their names are Cesar, Barbra, and the daughters name is also Barbra. The lesson went really well. Barbra loved the part of the first vision.

Tuesday we had district meetings. I taught on the Book of Mormon. It definitely wasn't one of my best district meetings. But it was good! Everyone wrote their testimonies in a Book of Mormon and was supposed to hand it out this week. After meetings we had service planned with a member who was moving out of their in laws house and their family moved into their own home. So we helped move and a couch and two beds. After we finished that he took us out to Chipotle! Mmmmm mmmm Mmm! After we got dropped off we went and showered and changed and went and saw our investigator brother Arnold and prayed with him on his door step. And then we visited the Relief Society presidents family.

Wednesday it snowed! It was really windy and we were expected to get 6 inches of snow. We definitely didn't get 6 inches. But it was really cold! We online proselyted for awhile. We went and saw Gene and Jane in the evening. They are the couple that we are trying to get married. Elder Tesch and I just went into their house and we had them read the family proclamation with them and just talked about it. We invited them to get married like 3 times!! They said they would sometime. They said they are really busy at this time so they don't know if they can do it now. Gene is also going through a hard time right now. His mother is in the hospital.

Thursday was Thanksgiving!! In the morning we went and did some service for a member and then we went to our ward's turkey bowl! That was fun! We all got nice and muddy. After we got done playing we went and showered and got ready for the day. We borrowed the other elders car and drove it to give another set of missionaries a ride and then we came back. We also got permission from our mission president to go to a members house who invited both us and the sisters over for Thanksgiving. So we just went around and had about 2 Thanksgiving dinners and saw some other members who could use a visit on Thanksgiving! It was a really good day!

Friday we were supposed to have a baptismal interview for the other elders investigator who was getting baptized on Saturday but it never ended up happening on Friday so they moved it to Saturday. Friday we had another Thanksgiving dinner with our Elders quorum president and his wife! It was really fun to have another Thanksgiving. Oh! But a cool miracle happened before we went to that dinner. So we got dropped off like 30 minutes before our dinner so we went and knocked some doors and the first door we knocked on we talked to a guy on his door for like 5 minutes and he was really nice and his wife actually investigated the church awhile ago but he said the elders stopped coming. So we go and knock on 1 more door and as I was knocking we looked inside the window and saw they were having a Thanksgiving party. So Elder Tesch and I look at each other and we were like oh great... So a nice woman answered the door and we were like "sorry we didn't mean to interrupt your party" and she just stops us from talking and invites us in to have some dinner. We told them we were just about to have some dinner but they gave us some pie. It was a crazy miracle! So there were like 3 families that were there just asking us questions. It was tight! The woman who answered the door was the Mother of the home and the Dad's name was Curtis! So that was sweet! We are hoping to teach them soon! We offered to do some service and he wanted our help!

Saturday was CRAZY!! We went to the Church to clean it in the morning and then we had to rush home to have our apartment inspected by a senior couple in our mission. Meanwhile the baptismal font water heater was broken so the other elders were at the church boiling water to throw into the font with the cold water! After our apartment inspection we got into our suits and went over to the Church because I was supposed to have the baptismal interview at 12:00 because the baptism was at 3:00. Anyways the interview didn't happen until 2:20! So I interviewed the young man, his name is Samuel! And he was ready to get baptized! He is extremely knowledgable for being 14 year old boy. So the baptism went well. The whole youth did the whole program. A teacher in the ward spoke on one of the talks and a priest spoke on another one. Another priest baptized Samuel. And then all the young man sang a song for a musical number. And then then the young women led the music and gave prayers. It was incredible to see all the youth take over and take charge of this amazing opportunity. It was really cool because I actually had the chance to teach Samuel once on an exchange before with Elder White. After the baptism we went to dinner at a member's house and then stopped by our investigators houses to make sure they were coming to Church.

Sunday.. None of our investigators showed up to Church even though we were at their house the night before! Sunday was a good day though. Samuel got confirmed during sacrament and Bishop taught the whole ward about family history during third hour. We visited some members and then checked up on some potentials. One who is really solid! He and his son love us. And they weren't the ones who were even investigating. It was the wife who I haven't even met yet!

So yeah. We had a good week! Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays! I was just thinking last night as we were having another Thanksgiving dinner I'm grateful for this past year. My two older brothers both got married in the temple. That's a HUGE blessing! And then I am also grateful for my mission. This mission has gotten me closer to God, Our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I wouldn't change this past year for anything! Hopefully you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thought of some things that you are thankful for!

Love, Elder Hinton


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