October 28, 2014


Mt. Vernon


Elder Bateman

Popped Tire

Dear Family,
Last Monday was fun. We first went to a swamp that was close by and checked it out and got some pictures and then we did something different for a change. We went to a mall and just walked around and went in stores. It was pretty fun. I was tempted to buy a lot of things though! Luckily I got out of there with no holes in my pocket. After P-day ended we went to dinner at a part member families home. They are awesome! They have a son on a mission right now that is serving in Ghana. The whole family are members except for the father. The family is Ethiopian and we got authentic Ethiopian food! It was actually quite good! Interesting, but delicious! I made sure to get the name of the dish and figured out how I can make it for when I get home! I hope to be able to make all of the main dishes from the different cultures by the time I get home. After dinner we had a short lesson with them and set up a time to come teach the lessons and then we went over to the Elders Quorum President's house to teach him and his wife a member lesson which was really good! Our Ward mission leader came as well and it was just a really powerful lesson.

Tuesday, we had District meeting and I taught about Testimonies and also the role of faith in missionary work again. We read Alma 32 as a District. It was really sweet. Every District meeting I have been having a couple of missionaries come and bear their testimonies and it has been going really well. It starts off the meeting really strong. Anyways after meetings we went on exchanges and Elder Olivo, who used to be my Zone Leader, came to my area with me. We started off the exchange by going to the Office with the zone leaders and then we came back and went to the Library and after the Library we had 2 sweet member lessons with ward missionaries. The first one was with our dinner appointment. When we left our dinner appointment it was raining and we needed to bike pretty far to our next appointment so it was a bummer but some random guy from another neighboring ward had a bike rack and stopped and gave us a ride! Blessings!!! And then after we had our other lesson Elder Olivo and I just talked a lot that night about the mission. He has been out for like 18 months now. After we woke up and had personal study Elder Olivo and I just talked some more as we had comp study and had some really deep conversation about his life! It was really cool.

So Wednesday we got back from our exchange. Walked around a little bit and met a homeless guy! He was really humble. He told us he had been staying in a tent and its been getting really cold because of the rain and it was really sad. Elder Bateman had a Cliff bar that he gave him though. We were and maybe still are going to go and find his tent! Maybe help him out some more. Anyways we had Taco Bell for dinner and then we went and had a member lesson. After the lesson we went to our investigators house to have a lesson about The Book of Mormon. The investigators are Gene and Jane. We planned a lesson but we thought we needed to talk about the importance of the Book of Mormon again. It was a really good lesson. We need to get them committed to marry each other! Oh and also on our way home Wednesday night I popped the front tire on my bike! My contacts were getting really dry and I could hardly see and I didn't see a curb and completely ran into it. No fun!

Thursday we had Zone Conference when President and Sister Riggs, the assistants, and our zone leaders all address us. It was a incredible meeting. For the meeting they said to come with a 5 minute talk prepared on the atonement. They had told us like a week in advance but it just so happens that Wednesday night I got this feeling that I needed to prepare a talk because I was going to speak. And sure enough I was called on to give a talk on the atonement at zone conference! There was soo many great things that I learned at zone conference though. It was a really good meeting. After the meeting we came home and went straight over to our dinner appointment and then we ran over to Target to get a new tube for my bike. At the end of the night our whole mission got on a conference call from President Riggs. Needless to say it was a call of repentance to most of the Elders in our mission! But it was amazing. President Riggs is a boss.

Friday not much happened. We weekly planned for the upcoming week. At the end of the night we did find some long boarders and since Elder Bateman is a sponsored down hill skater (long boarder) back home he talked with them for awhile and showed them some things and then we set up an appointment to teach them. So that was pretty cool!

Saturday we went on exchanges because Elder White wasn't feeling well and so Elder Bateman, Elder Hansen, and I went to go do service in the morning for a neighbor of a member in the ward. It was awesome. We moved tons of wood, dug up trees, and cut a bamboo tree down! Haha we had lots of fun with it. We were running late for our ward correlation though so we showed up in service clothes. We had a good correlation though and then we went back to Elder Taylor and Elder White. Elder White still wasn't feeling well so I stayed with him while Elder Bateman, Elder Hansen, and Elder Taylor went out to work for the evening. While Elder White and I stayed in doors we read a really cool talk on the meaning of the atonement and we learned a ton of stuff from the spirit. So that was cool!

Sunday was good. Gene didn't come to church even though Elder Bateman and the other Elders went and checked on him Saturday night! He has been to church like 3 or 4 times now. But he didn't make it this last Sunday. Church was really good though. After church we had a dinner with a family in the ward and then biked around and checked on lots of families.

The reason why I am emailing on Tuesday is because Yesterday we had a 1/2 mission conference because a member of the 70 is here! I'll talk about that meeting in my next email but it was really spiritual! But that's why our preparation day is today! All is well. love ya'll!

~Elder Hinton


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