November 3, 2016



Elder Bolinger


Hello everyone!!! Wow I miss you all so much!! I hope everyone is doing so good! I am still loving it here soo much!! I leave to Houston on Monday! Crazy huh?? I have to leave the MTC at 2:30 A.M.!!! wayyyy too early... My plane leaves at around 530 and then I have a delay in Denver, and then I go to Houston! So I think I'm supposed to arrive in Houston around 12-1! I am so excited to get out in the field! but also pretty nervous! I like the MTC because I get 3 meals a day provided to me and my teachers help a lot. It is going to be harder but I am so ready!! I want some crazy big storms when I get there. That is honestly one thing that I cant wait for. I want to be in a HUGE storm. like a hurricane would be sweet! haha I know that sounds ridiculous but I really do want one! Ha mom sorry you probably wouldn't want to hear that!😂 Also I told you about Bubba last week. So we are done teaching him because we got new ones but you all need to go to and watch the video called From Gangster to Good Man. That is about Bubba! TRC's are people who come to the MTC to help us teach real investigators. Some of them are converts who play themselves before they were converted and some are actually real investigators! So Bubba is obviously a convert but he was playing himself before he got converted. It was crazy after I saw that video! I got a picture with him for proof;)

(sometimes i talk in present tense and past tense because we are allowed to write emails we just cant send them until P-Day. So yeah sometimes when I am done with personal study at night me and my district will come and write for a bit. So yeah! Also that is why they are a lot longer and written better)

This week has been pretty normal! Its just the same routine every day! Breakfast, class, exercise time (either before or after lunch) then lunch, class, dinner, then personal/companion study till about 9:30 then we go back to our residence and get ready for bed, write in our journals then TRY to calm down and get ready for bed so we can have the lights out by 10:30 but that usually doesn't happen. But we are working on it! Sleep is so important here because days are long! The other day we actually got to bed at 10:30 and I had so much energy! Way more than normal!

P-day is absolutely amazing!! it was so nice to change things up and to do laundry and go through the Temple! So you all know how I worked at Maddox? So there was a guy that I worked with named Justin Anderson that I really looked up to and right before I came out here he messaged me and we just talk for a little bit and he said good luck and all that and then when I was at the Temple, right before I went down stairs to the changing room Justin walked out of a room and we saw each other and he just was like NOO WAYY so we hugged and then talk for a little bit but he had to make it to his session. But it was soo cool seeing him there! It was definitely a spiritual moment. He said for some reason it was hard for him to get his name for the session so it took a while and so he said now he knows why it took so long. I know that was just a little tender mercy and it was amazing! THE LORD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS!!

Sunday was a really good day! As the District Leader I had to go to a meeting early Sunday morning which wasn't the funnest thing ever, but i had to share a spiritual thought and that went well! Then around 11 we went to the Temple and just walked around and got pictures! It is really nice getting off the MTC campus because sometimes it feels like jail. So I love it! I have got some really cool pictures! After the walk we went to priesthood, then lunch, District meeting, class, dinner then we went to choir!! I love going to choir! This week we are singing Praise to the Man and it sounds soo good! Immediately after choir practice we have our usual Sunday devotional. This Sunday it was by Richard N. Hozepfel. He did really good. He invited us to find a Character of Christ that we need to work on. We are supposed to study it, pray about it, and make it a second nature. Then work on the next one and make the Characteristics of Christ a second nature. After the devotional we went to a video of Elder Hollands talk in a past MTC devotional called "Missions Are Forever". I was amazing! First off I want to say that I want a member of the 12 apostles to come and speak to us soooo bad!!!

On Monday we got new TRC's! One is names Adam and one is named Taylor! Taylor is a really nice women from Oregon and she has a really good relationship with God but she doesn't quite believe in Jesus Christ. So we taught her about half of the Restoration but we were focused on helping her gain her own knowledge and help her gain faith in Jesus Christ! Then we challenged her to pray about Jesus Christ and ask Heavenly Father if he is really there! Then Adam is a really chill guy and he has never been in a religious group or anything! So we just started with the Restoration of the Gospel and it went really well! We invited him to be baptized FIRST LESSON and he said YES! He just wants to learn everything about our Gospel first but he said he felt like it was right! Cool huh?!

Soo Tuesday was a really good day!! The first part of the day was pretty normal. Just class, personal/companion study, planning for our investigators, and eating food! But then we had choir practice changed to 4 o'clock because of some sort of "security" thing. So we went to choir practice and we were singing Praise to the Man! it was so cool! This practice was for the devotional! So the speaker at the devotional was a pretty cool guy... IT WAS PRESIDENT RUSSEL M. NELSON!! How cool is that?!?!? I wanted to see a member of the 12 soo bad!! Also the devotional was broadcast to ALL THE OTHER MTC's! So as I said I sang in the choir and I got on the big screen and Kyle is at the Columbia MTC so I sure hope he was paying attention so he could see me! The song sounded so good! President Nelson talked about 3 principles of the gospel. 1.The church was restored to gather Israel 2.Families of Israel need to be helped sealed in the Temple 3.Prepare the world for the second coming of Christ. It was really cool! He also said "The name change WAS revealed to the prophet. It wasnt something that just happened." So that was really cool that he testified of that! He also told us that we need to engrave the doctrine of Christ on our hearts. We as missionaries need to fully convert ourselves before we can convert anyone. If we convert one person on our mission it better be ourselves. So that is what I am working on right now and that is my main focus so that when that happens I can focus on converting others! One last thing he talked about was that we are "literal epistles of God" We are the messengers of God. We have been called and have been set apart to share His Gospel. How cool is that?? We have the same power as the Apostles to share the gospel! That is pretty awesome!

On Wednesday we had a pretty normal day! So Mom and Dad guess what! I had to got surgery today!! I went to the doctors office because of something that was bothering me and they said that a doctor was here today and so I got an appointment later that day and he did immediate surgery!!!! He said it was a pretty bad in-grown toe nail!! 😂😂 HAHA sorry if you kinda freaked out! I just thought that would be funny! But that whole story was true! The past few days my toe got so bad and so I went to the doctor and I am glad I went when I did because he only comes in a few times a week and he just happened to be there and have an open spot. So the doctor looked at the toe and said it was pretty bad and so he just pulled out a kit, numbed up my foot and went to work! It is currently wrapped in some gauze but it feels soooo much better! So yeah I seriously did have surgery today! It wasn't bad at all and it feels good. I went and played volleyball right after because it was my exercise time! DONT WORRY though mom I was told that I can do that! Also my ankle is doing really good! It is just a little sore in the morning!

Love you all So much!!

Love Elder Roberts!


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