October 9, 2017





10/9/17 WEEK 38

¡Hola Familia y Fam!

Couple stories this week, so something kind of sad, one of our investigators showed up to general conference, he's the only non member in his family, and it was awesome to see him there. We visited him later this week and it turns out he was just using it as an excuse to go into town, and drink. We were teaching him on wednesday, and his wife comes in and tells us the whole story. Kinda sucks but I couldn't do anything else, we're just gonna let him go.

One night we went to visit Blanca, and the house right before hers has 10 plus chihuahuas, which bark and run up to us every time. This night they did the same thing, the difference was I had an umbrella that could be used like a golf club, and that's how I used it. I smacked one of them, and then it fell down the stairs from the momentum of my swing. Don't worry it didn't die.

We were walking through one of the poorer parts of our area and I felt something hit me in the back of the head, these four kids had slingshots and were just trying to pelt us with coffee beans. We made it a game and tried to catch the beans and throwing them back. They thought it was awesome.

We did intercambios with the magnolia elders, this time I went to magnolia. We found this super dope abandoned house that looked more like a fort. (See pictures)

We were heading back to our area after a dance performance that the youth were doing, and we got a ride from a guy in our ward. We were standing in the back of the pickup and yelling stuff the ayudantes yell. "Metense Metense! Hay lugares! REU REU!" We passed this dude who tried to flag us down and he yelled "Victoria!" He thought we were actually offering to give him a ride.

That's all I got this week, but I still love you guys,

E' Jones


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