December 13, 2017


Brazil Missionary Training Center


Elder Daniel

Well, last week at the MTC

Scripture of the Week: Alma 13:27-30
A lot happened this week and I don´t know If I can write all of it but I´ll try. Lauren, welcome home from the mission and tell Brooke and Tucker a happy hello from me. Make sure you have a picture of me at the wedding.

Ok , so here goes. Wednesday we had regular P-day and got what we needed. Thursday, Elder Harris dislocated my knee, like for reals it hurt. We were just messing around and he pulled a wrestling move and threw me over his shoulder and my leg must have caught on something because it just popped out then in. So strange.

Friday, Me and Elder Daniel ran around doing District Leader stuff and my knee hurt the whole day. Saturday we had proselyting and we didn´t get any contacts but I think it went a lot better since we could talk more. The people here are super nice to americans trying to speak Portuguese apparently because the Brazilians tell us they never can talk to them.

Sunday was church and we had a lot to do. But the devotional that night was the Christmas Devotional from the General authority and it was so amazing. If you guys have the chance to watch it, do.

Monday we had a lot of classes and taught some lessons. It went really well. My language is finally coming along but still not as well as I would like it to be. Tuesday, we had another devotional and I had to give the opening prayer. I messed up once but the prayer was pretty amazing if I would say.

Today, we had the temple and had second session. We did laundry downstairs and someone gave us Nuttella and Crackers, it was sooooooooooo good. Well, the next time I email, I will be in the field. Love you all.
Elder Liquin

Colton: Great job at winning some games. I love the pictures. Nice haircut. Maybe get it a little shorter next time. Love you.
Jordan: Sounds like you are having fun with work and finishing school. Once you finish school, go on a date. Maybe Brooke will hook you up.
Mom: Thanks for the letters. I have been practicing Piano Man a little bit. Thanks so much.
Dad: Thanks for the emails this week. Go to Coltons games and cheer him on for me. Take a picture of me too so I can be there. Thanks.


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