November 29, 2017


Brazil Missionary Training Center


Elder Daniel

Christmas time but 90 degrees

Scripture of the Week: Mosiah 3

Well another week gone, which was so strange cause I could have sworn that I emailed you guys yesterday. Well, the weeks are short and the days are long.

I had a super awesome week this week. I gained another 4 pounds so now I can say that I am fat. Hahaha, not. I also couldn´t find clippers to do my hair on p-day so I had to get a haircut from the mtc barber. He is pretty good at the soccer cut but It looks good. He is so funny when he does it because he sings and doesn´t really look at your hair.

Thursday was Thanksgiving here and we had and awesome Thanksgiving Lunch. We had turkey and Ice Cream. How exciting is that. When the Ice cream came, I was so happy I probably could've cried. I missed ice cream so much and now, for one day, we had it. Later, in the evening, we listened to a devotional from David A Bednar and he gave an awesome talk about letting the spriit guide and not always being uptight. I loved it and so did everyone else.

Saturday, we went proselyting, which was so fun. It was in downtown Sao Paulo and it looked like times square. It was so nice. We got three contacts but two of them were girls and I think they liked us. Oops. But the rest of the experience was amazing. I almost got pickpocketed but I stopped him before he got too close. Then we talked with a lot of Catholics. One companionship talked with Jehovah Witnesses for twenty minutes and almost started Bible Bashing. It was so funny to hear. Oh, funny story, an Elder from another District on P-day last week got kissed by a super drunk guy. It was so funny because he didn´t know what was going on.

Well, later on Saturday, we taught another 3 lessons with people and finished the day. Sunday was the best because we had a devotional and it talked about taking your mission seriously. I loved it. He kind of talked to my district a little because we were goofing off that day and later when he talked, he gave the exact example of what we were doing. Sooo funny.

Tuesday, we listened to a talk from Elder Holland back in 2014 but it was insanely profound. I felt the spirit so much. The one thing that stuck out to me is that to be representatives of Christ, we have to stand in the outer bushes of Gethsemane and feel a little of what he did. In order to be standing and understanding like him, we need to suffer a little. That hit me like a cannonball. He is such a good speaker.

Well, I hope you guys have an awesome week and do something fun,
Elder Liquin

Colton- Your first game was yesterday. How did it go? Did you win? Send me pics. I want to see how awesome you are playing.

Jordan- It sound like you had a fun week. I hope you know I miss you too. Be safe and have fun.

Dad-Thanksgiving sounded super fun. I wish I was there. Tell me when it snows, will you?

Mom- still waiting for the mail. I can´t wait to get Piano Man so i can practice. Playing it by ear is hard and everyone wants to know how it is supposed to sound like. Love You!

1. The dryers don´t work very well here so you have to get creative.
2. The temple this morning. Sorry I don´t have a pic of me this week. I will try to get one this next week.


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