November 22, 2017


Brazil Missionary Training Center


Elder Daniel

Belts are a little Tighter

Scripture of the Week: Alma 5:38

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Well I guess the highlight of my week was I gained 7 pounds from last week. Haha. That must be good here because apparently in João Pessoa, you will lose weight.

The food here is definintly amazing. I eat as much as I can everyday so by the end of each day you are stuffed. America night is the best because you get to eat something close to a sloppy joe and a chicken sandwich. I gained 2 pounds that night form the food.

Oh, we did splits this week which was crazy. I had a hard time saying stuff but I understand what most people say to me as long as it is slow. We had p-day last week and that means you can walk about 6 blocks away from the MTC each way so we just walked all day. It is hot here, let me say that. I sweated through my shirt by 30 min which never happens.

I think for p-day today, i´ll buy some hair-clippers because the barber here doesn´t look like a good one. The only person ruining my hair here is me.

Physical activity here is fun, you play basketball and volleyball and by the end of my stay here, I probably could beat you colton, hahaha, maybe not. We teach lessons everyday here and I am having a hard time trying to stay awake. The instructors have woken us up a few times because we always fall asleep from all the work we do.

Sorry I didn´t have much time to email today, I hope you guys have fun and keep up the good work. I love to get emails from you guys so don´t be afraid to send on.

Love, Elder Liquin

Colton: I hope basketball is going good. Who won state? Keep balling it up as much as possible though, remember to play bigger than you actually are.

Jordan: Keep up your work and on your homework. Don´t slack off because I can´t. I´ll hold you to it. If you ever feel down read 1 Nephi 3:7, awesome scripture.

Dad: Great job on finishing that wall at mom´s work, I'd love to get a picture. Keep on working hard and make Colton do some of the work. He isn´t busy or anything!

Mom: Hey love to hear from you, I can´t read everything but I love it. Love you Mom

1. Elder Stratton looking like a real Missionary
2. Picture of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus at the Temple
3. Everyone in our district. Left to Right (Elder Day, Elder Geisler, Elder Jacklin, Elder Stratton, Elder Harris, Elder Larson, Me, and Elder Daniel) at the temple today.


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