November 16, 2017


Brazil Missionary Training Center


Elder Daniel

Beans and Rice, Blowing up a Cow

Beans and Rice, and more Beans and Rice! Everything is super fun here in the MTC. My companion, Elder Daniel is really cool. He is from Vernal Utah and has a bunch of hick stories. One time, he and his friends got a bowling ball cannon and shot a bloated cow with it. It blew completely up!

Well everything is going fun over here though. The plane ride was long but I was on the same plane as Micheal Phelps. We got here and had to do so much. get your companion, unpack and take over your room. We then had a devotional and went to bed. On wednesday we got up, and began to start on our purpose as a missionary. It was a hard morning because here it is 6;30 you have to wake up, but it felt like it was 1:30 on my schedule. The time difference is really bad. We then had more classes and started a new day. Thursday we started to do lessons in portugese and teach our investigator valdineia. It was so bad. Friday the lesson got better and and saturday it was bad.

Sunday was really cool because the sacrament meeting was in portuguese and the missionary´s start speaking at three weeks. There were some really cool talks. After that we had priesthood and I taught the lesson. I had a short lesson planned, but the spirit guided me to teach something else. It was the most powerful and spiritual leçon I had ever been in. It was so profound. I think the most amazing part of the lesson was that I got the prompting to read Mosiah 2:15-16. If you guys have a chance to read this, read it. Later that day we watched a broadcast from Elder Neilsen of the twelve apostles he had given that tuesday. It was awesome. He talked about repentance and learning to forgive yourself.

Monday, we messed off alot and taught Valdineia. During the lesson, I said a couple sentences and it made complete sense in portuguese. Really, the gift of tongues is real. Yesterday, we were supposed to have a devotional and learn stuff but we just got another lesson.

Yesterday, the beans hit me hard. I farted so much yesterday that the other guys in my district probably hate me but they don´t know it was me. Oh, another thing, one of the elders in my district hit his head on the cabinet in his room and had to go to the hospital. He didn´t have to get stitches though.

Today, we went to the temple and it was supercalifragalisticexpeowladocious amazing. It was so pretty and small but really spiritual. I honestly thought about you mom and almost started to cry because of the last time we went. I loved it more than my whole mtc stay so far.

Well, I love you all and thanks for the emails,
Elder Liquin


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