December 9, 2018

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Kimo Hanamaikai

Hello Again

Dear Keoni,

It was good to hear from you. How was this week? Isn't it amazing how much you are learning and how quickly you are learning? As you continue to open your heart and allow the Spirit of the Lord in, God will continue to bless you. The Lord qualifies who He calls. As you prepare to enter into the mission field grasp on to those principles and teachings which are being shared with you. Your teachers are there to help you along this path. Your companions will walk with you down the path. And when you get into the field of labor, you will be inviting others to join you and your companions on that path.

So tell me about your companion. What is his name? I remember he is from Vancouver, BC Canada. What did he do before going on a mission? How are the members of your district? Are they as cool as your grandpa? I know that would be a lot to ask for but you can always hope (lol). What is your daily schedule like? I remember teaching at the MTC all of those years ago. It was a pretty tight and tough schedule. But the one thing I do remember is that when the missionaries is that when they got to the field, they all wished they had payed more attention and took the time to learn a little more while at the MTC. You are only there for another 10 days. Make the most of it.

Sheri and I are getting along pretty well. We are setting up Christmas. We love this time of year. The Christmas Trees; the lights; our village; decorations, presents, and just buying things for our family. However the most important event this time of year is the birth of the Christ child. It is through this babe that all mankind would be saved from the throws of death. The He would end the Law of Moses and introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He would establish His church and call disciples to help spread the word (just like you). And His final sacrifice would be that He would Atone for our sins and be our personal advocate to the Lord. It is through our Savior Jesus Christ that we will some day be able to enter into the presence of the Lord. The example of Christ and His teachings act as a compass throughout our lives.

Elder Boren. Take care of yourself. You are preparing for a great work to come to the children of men in Cincinnati. You have been given a charge to invite all to Come unto Christ. Your contrite Spirit with the matchless love you have for all mankind will be of great help to you. Until next week, I love you you.




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