August 8, 2017


Nelson - BC


Elder Darren Davis

Week 4, MTC and Canada

Hey Mom,
Man it did feel like forever to get to this day but yeah this email is going to be big so I am going to send pics in another email.
The first night here was an interesting one. (Because there were 27 incoming missionaries they put them up in a hotel for the night.) Elder Myers (one night companion) and I stayed in the same hotel room and we were both scared for our life. (Video attached to the second email) The next morning we got up and had breakfast there at the hotel and it was ok but then we headed back to the church and got a little more training in then got our new companions. I guessed/hoped that I was going to stay in Calgary and I didn't stay. 
So those missionaries not staying in Calgary area, went south to Lethbridge transfer station. It was a long drive but it was good and on the way down to the church the AP in our car talked about the farthest west district out in the BC area.  I was praying in my heart that I would not go there and was hoping to go to Cardston.
Then we got to the church and we were waiting in the chapel for President to get there.  Once he got there, we read off where the first area that we were going to be for our twelve weeks. I got up and read the wards we covered and it said I would be covering Castlegar and Trail. (I didn’t have any idea where those were.) Then we read our trainer's name and mine is Elder Davis and man he is a nice guy and very welcoming. I then read to myself the district I was in and it was The Far West District! So yeah, I am out here in the beautiful land of BC. 
Then we drove out to the area and Elder Davis told me that we are the farthest area west in the whole mission and I was not happy. We got to the apartment and I unpacked and talked to Elder Davis and asked a lot of questions about transfers. I was like I need to know that I am getting transferred after the 12 weeks. Then I realized to myself that I was getting a little annoying with all the asking about transfer questions. So I stopped.
The first night was a little rough and I read the letters that Kassandra sent with me and it was a good way to have that communication other than waiting to hear your words on P-day. I am very glad that I live in this day in age with the technology that we have to communicate with you guys.
This area is good but I just did not feel comfortable because I grew up more city. (This area i am in is like Park city). 
I have prayed a lot and the most I have prayed sincere in my whole life. I asked God for the blessing of comfort and strength that I can have a peace of mind while I am here. Then Elder Davis told me that President Miles is very good at not keeping people in the same area for a maximum of 24 weeks. So yeah that kinda eased my mind a little but as he got ready and was in the washroom (bathroom in Canada) I was having you guys on my mind and it was rough and I pleaded with God that he can make this area go by quick. But then I found other ways to keep you guys off my mind because I did that thing with God the first two morning while I was here. But it has gotten better and I do keep you guys in my mind but not the main focus.
Then with the answer to my comfort and strength question I have received 4 little answers while in the time I have been here.
The first one was at the soup kitchen that we help out with every Friday and a guy that was a part of the church was talking with us and how that our church is taking away things. This is one question that I still don't know how to answer "When does a brother leave another?" and I do not know how to answer that. As that guy left he told us that he had something in his life happen to him very personal and just does not like the church any more. But that guy told us that we should not worry about him and that what we are doing was a thing that we know is right to us and told us to just keep doing what you are doing.
Then we ran into this guy while knocking doors. His name is Len and he says he is Christian but not a good one but then we talked to him for a good 5 min. Then he also told us that “you guys do you and that you need to just to worry about us and the people we teach.”
Then we ran into another guy when we’re walking back home and he comes up to us and tells us that he has a lot of respect for us because he knows the feeling of getting doors slammed in his face but he also told us to remember who you are representing and to keep doing what you are doing.
Then the last one was a member that had us over for dinner and she told me this, " Elder Orton if you have any doubts just remember this; that President Miles sent you out here because he doesn't hate you, he sent you out here because far away from him he trusts you and believes that you can be strong."
So yeah that has been my week in general but I am very blessed to be out here in the BC area because you never know I might not serve here ever again.
But I want to leave you with this that I am very grateful that I am here and I just remember the story of Saul (Acts 9) and that he was a chosen vessel unto God that I am a chosen vessel unto God and that he sent me here to the BC area for a reason and I do not know why but I have this goal in mind that I am going to find that reason before I transfer out of this area. I love you and I keep you in my prayers and I ask you to keep me in yours and bless me with comfort.
Last two things 1) it is crazy that I am 4 days away from being out on my mission for a month. 2) I sent you guys a letter in that mail and that has the return address on it for mailing me stuff.
Love you again and miss you❤❤❤


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