August 1, 2017


Provo MTC


Elder Darrow

Weeks 1-3, MTC Email Summary

Here’s a summary of Kenny’s 3 emails from the MTC.
He flies out Tuesday about 11:05 and arrives to Calgary at 1:05.  Can’t believe it’s time for him to be out there!
First P-Day email, 07/18/17:
So far the days have been well but a lot of Info.
My companion (Elder Darrow) and started TRC's and they have been great so far. One of our investigators’ name is Ben, was raised Catholic but he did not like how the Catholic church in Quebec was teaching so he did not have God for a little bit in his life. Long story short we taught him the Restoration ending with Elder Darrow and I bearing our testimonies of the gospel. Both Elder Darrow and I almost cried but as we looked at Ben we saw that he was in tears. When Darrow and I walked out of that room, when no one was around, we just lost it and were so happy.
The MTC instructors are the best and I love them both.
My companion as I said is Elder Darrow he is from Alaska but moved to Heber for the last 3 years. Yes he is going to the same mission.
The food is ok here no favorites yet.
So far the best lesson was the Restoration.
Love you
P.S Thanks for telling me not to gain weight in the MTC and sending me lots of candy. 
Second P-Day email, 07/25/17:
Teaching yesterday went well, we kept Ben and Ben was so glad that we were still on his list of Elders to teach him. The lesson before we had with him went well we invited him to be baptized. He said he wants to but he wants to have a reason before he makes that leap of faith and joins.  Then I remembered the story of Saul in the bible and he was very glad and he said yes that he was trying to be like Saul without all of the killing. We asked him to pray for us then we also told him to take the time he needed to ponder and get a feeling. After he prayed he waited, then he described the feeling like this; he felt validated.
The district is going well but there are some people that started to annoy me with the little things but I just said to myself, I have this last week then the field. The companion is great and get along well. can't wait to get to the field and start for real.
Love you miss you. 
Love, Elder Orton
Final P-Day email, 07/31/17:
It’s been an honor to teach Ben.  I’m going to really miss him. I am so pumped top get to the field!
Elder Darrow and I wore matching ties this Sunday.  It was pretty funny. It worked out well because we taught Priesthood quorum so it looked intentional. The lesson we taught was on the creation, the fall, and agency. All in all it was good. 
Love you! Talk to you tomorrow from the airport.


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