December 5, 2017


Nelson - BC


Elder Purvis

Hey weird week this week

Hey mom,

I am well and yes i am enjoying the light the world and am loving it and so happy. No i was not able to because i am going explain later why. Yeah it is going to see you and be weird that i am going to see you and very happy. But here was my week.

Wednesday- So we get up and we did our usual thing and that was fun Then we did somethings during the day and then we had dinner and then we had dinner and then we had an appointment with our investigator derek and that was good and went over baptism and then we asked him to pray about and he has not told us anything yet.

Thursday- SO this is were i am going to explain what went weird this week. So we get up then do our routine and then i went to shower and then i get out and Elder Purvis is on the phone with the AP's and he then tells me that we are both getting out of trail. and to be honest with you for the rest of the days it is short. So we go and do a meeting with the senior couple and then we told them a news and she was kinda upset but she excepted it. then for the rest of the day and then wrote notes for the others that go down and then had dinner.

Friday- We got up and then we did our routine and we packed a bit. then we did our service for the salvation army and then after we did that we went and did the thing where the person rings the bell and that made Elder Purvis so happy. Then after that we did more notes and had dinner adn one member appointment.

Saturday- So we get up and we do some more packing and then i got a hair cut and we went to lunch and then Bro. Redakop took us out and we went and visited single sisters and then we had dinner and then we packed some more.

Sunday-So we get up and finalize packing and then went to church and said our goodbys and they were all surprised about the situation and they just tell me that i have grown. and they wished me the best. then we drove in to cranbrook and we stayed the night.

Monday- We get up then we get ready and drove all day to get to Calgary and after that we visited people for elder purvis and that was our day.

So yep it was a weird week and was crazy. But i am wondering where i am going but i will tell you all next week. But telling you this 20 more days, Yes that is right i have been counting. But can't wait. love you all

Elder Orton


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