December 19, 2017


Lethbridge, Alberta Canada


Elder Michael Johnson

Week 22, Lethbridge

Hey I am so pumped and can't wait to see you guys. I am not going to say a lot but my week because we will talk later in the week. I don't know yet what time but i will talk with my companion. But here was my week:

Wednesday- So we got up and man i was sore because we were biking all this week and i was just hurting. But we did our usual thing in the morning and then after we helped a lady named Roma and we did some service for her and then we got lunch after and then we had a correlation meeting and talked about the people in the area and how we are doing in the area. and then we stopped by our recent convert and we then talked to him for a bit then had dinner at the Kozaks and a nice family and we then had ward council that night and then we were talking about a calling for our RC and they all thought of ideas and i brought up the idea of a ward missionary and they thought it was good idea because he talks to everyone.

Thursday- So we got up and we cleaned because we had housing inspections and it was interesting then they came over and did that and they are a nice couple and love doing what they are doing. then after that we went into our weekly planning and after that we went to a few appointments and that was fun and always fun to have things that don't cancel. then had dinner and then called it a night.

Friday- So we got up and then we got a bug tv for our RC that he really did not need but we did it and it was a old one and then we did our service for the food bank and we walked back to our apartment and that was a long walk. but then we did studies and then we went to our dinner and then we went to a part member family and we went to the Japaneses garden and that was cool i took pics and then we went to a festival of nativities and they had over 350 nativities and that was fun then called it a night.

Saturday- We got up and then did service and that was fun and gross because we helped a member that had people renting and they destroyed the house and man they were not the best because they did a lot of bad things to that house. Then after we had lunch and then we had the elders party and that was fun then we helped a member for a quick bit and then we had dinner and then did another service and that was cool and then we had the night.

Sunday- So we got up and then we went to church and then at church i ordained our RC to the aronic priesthood and that was a first and that was weird and that was cool and man a lot of first happened this area and then came home and did some studies and then had dinner at bishops house and then we had a long day after that.

Monday- so we got up and we did the usual thing and then we helped the other elders doing service by just going around our area and just shoveling their walks and that people we very happy that we did that and they are very happy with that. Then we got ready and had one appointment and then we had dinner and man they were a good family and then we called it a night.

But we will talk more later and hope that you have a good week this week and Merry Christmas and hope the new year is well.

Elder Orton


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