November 21, 2017


Nelson - BC


Elder Purvis

Week 19, BC

Hey mom

I hope you are well and that you are very happy. But i am going to miss haveing thanksgiving this year with the fam. But Mama P is going to do thanksgiving for us and i am pumped. But this week day by day is slim and you will se why:

Wednesday- So we get up and do our regular thing that we do in the morning and then we got ready for the day and then we headed to a place called Kaslo and it was 2 hours that we drove to there and then had an appointment with a less active she was nice as well as the husband not a member and not interested at all. But then we back another 2 hours back and stop at the apartment then we went to another appointment and that was good and they are such a nice family and always welcoming to the missionaries. Then we had dinner and we back to our apartment.

Thursday- Well this is going to be short because we had zone conference this week and all we did this day was drive and that was really boring and long. But that is our Thursday.

Friday- So we got up and got ready and got ready and ate some breakfast and went to zone conference and we had a seventy and that was cool. Then we talked about light the world and then we had lunch and then president miles told me that i am going to have an interview with the seventy and that was cool and we talked about me and how i was doing. Then we had the rest of zone conference and then we meet up with some YSA members and let Elder Purvis say some goodbyes and that was cool and hope that i can serve in there ward. Then stayed the night.

Saturday- Then this is short as well because we drove again and then we got back and set up appointments and then had dinner with our investigator and that was cool.

Sunday- So we got up and then we headed to church and had regular church meeting and then we went back to our apartment and then did our comp. study and then did some things and meet with the senior couple and talked about how we can use light the world in our area. Then had dinner and then we shared a message and then we told them that we were going to follow up with them and then he was surprised that we were actually going to do that because that has never happened.

Monday- Well we got up and did the routine and then we had district meeting and Skype and that is interesting but still good. and then the senior couple feed us lunch which was cool then we left and did a small service and then we did a comp. study and then did some other things and then we went to dinner and a member took us out to the best place in trail to get pizza and i have to say that was good pizza. Then we had an appointment and we were driving back and then we got stopped and we were told there had been an accident on the highway and we had to reschedule our appointment with our investigator because we sat in the car for 3 hours doing nothing but waiting and man we were bored.


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