October 3, 2017


Nelson - BC


Elder Darren Davis

Week 12, BC

Hey mom I liked it a lot and it was fun and weird not being home for that. the one during priesthood session. It is well with investigators we have a return appointment with another family. We are so pumped. I know that i am almost 3 months out and it is crazy how quick it goes. But i can not wait to get that package. But here was my week. and JUST WONDERING ABOUT THOSE TIE FROM KEVIN?

Wednesday- So we got up and we were in Cranbrook and we did our exchanges with our zone leaders and it was good we did studies and we washed there car and we did a little bit of tracting and we ran into a JW and we kinda got into a conversation about who we call Jehovah. But we were on her porch for a good 20 min. and we left back to their apartment and we drove to any area where we go and had a meeting. But then after that we headed to lethbridge to stay the night before Zone conference.

Thursday- So we got up and went to Zone conf and did that mostly all day. But it was cool to be in lethbridge. But we had an interesting conversation with our mission president. But he told us more about the senior couple and we asked if they would be taking over nelson. he said he has not figured that out yet. But he told us this you guys will ether stay adn work together or i pull you out and the senior couple take the area over. But after zone conference we went to the mall and walked around and then we headed back to Cranbrook to stay the night. But me and Elder Davis made a goal if we get pulled out we will make these next weeks count.

Friday- So we got up and then got ready. So we then headed out to Trail to do our service and it was good. But they saw that we where tiered and we went to the church and we got back to the apartment and we relaxed and we then went grocery shopping and got the food that we need. But we did that and we then went and did service at house and it was good.

Saturday- So we got up and got ready for the day and went to the church and watch the morning session of conference and it was just us at the church. Btu we then had lunch and went to a members home and watched the other session. It was good to watch conference and it was good. But then went back to the church and we did some planning and then we watched the priesthood session and it was good. and i liked the last talk in that session. But then we had dinner at a good Italian restaurant.

Sunday- So we got up and got ready. Then we headed to a members house and watched Sunday Sessions and it was good. But then we went on a walk after the morning session. and it was good then had lunch and watch the last session. But it was one way to start the last one by announcing the death of Elder hales.

Monday- So we got up and got ready and went to district meeting in nelson and it was good and as usual filled with laughs and we then went to someones house and did service for that member and it was long and painful but then we went to their house and had dinner.

But i have been well and it is ok. These two years will go by like nothing but thanks for the support and love

Elder Orton


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