September 26, 2017


Nelson - BC


Elder Darren Davis

Week 11, BC

Hey mom,

It has been a good and a fast week. It is unbelievable how the weeks are going so fast and it just seems that I am soon coming to the end of this transfer and will be getting a new companion. So weird to think! I was wondering about those tough ties and when I should expect them? Also no, I don’t need music, I have access to it here. I would like to do the scripture reading together, just send the calendar my way.

Here is my week:

Wednesday- So we got up today and did our usual thing that we do. Then we had studies and it was good and we had a new transfer on us and so we had to pick a new attribute to work on. I chose the attribute of patience. So I am doing that in my personal studies and working on waiting for the Lord to give Elder Davis and I the work we need to do. We then did our comp. study and it was good for that. We then had lunch at our apartment. Then went to and appointment with members. They were very nice and it is just nice to get to know the members better. Then after that we came to the church and did somethings and then had another appointment with a member and that member took us out to eat and it was nice because we did not have a dinner that night. Then we had that and we went back to the church and we had a meeting with all of the presidents. It was on about the less actives and in-active. That was good and very nice because we had things that we needed to do.

Thursday- So we got up and did our usual routine and did our personal study and then we hopped into weekly planning. My view on weekly planning has changed and I look forward to it because it is nice to have that help me during my week and to see how it was going. Then after weekly planning we had lunch and then did our comp. study and that was good as well. After that we had a service again with Jen and her deck and got more of it done. Then after we did a stop by but we could not find them, so we left to dinner at Parslows. She told me that you texted her and thanked her for doing what she does for us.

Friday- So we got up and then did our usual thing. then did our personal studies and then after that we went to the Salvation Army and did our service we do there and then after we got done the head lady there gave us a lot of food and man we are ok for maybe a week on food. Then after that we came to the church and got ready and did our other studies that we do and then we went out knocking doors and then we went to our dinner appointment and they are very nice to us and was again generous towards us.

Saturday- So we got up and again we did our usual thing that we always do. Then had our studies and then after that we went to the Parslows and helped them with their fire wood and we did that until lunch and came back to their house and she feed us lunch and then we went to the church and got ready and had an appointment at the church with a former investigator. He we a nice guy and was very talkative and talked pretty much the whole lesson. But again I did not complain it beat knocking doors. Then had dinner here and it was good because the RS meet together before the women's broadcast and then we did the dishes for them while they watched the broadcast.

Sunday- So we got up and did the morning thing and then went to church and church was good because we had our fast Sunday that day and always good to hear the testimonies of the members. Then went back to our apartment and did our studies and it was good as always and then did some other things before we had dinner.

Monday- So this day was weird in a sense near the end. So we got up today and we did the usual routine and did the studies and that was good. Then we had lunch and then we did some door knocking before dinner and then after that we went to dinner and then we ate dinner then we drove to Creston to stay the night. Because we have Zone P-day on Tuesday.

But yeah that was my week there and man again the weeks are seeming to go by quicker in a sense and not seeming to be like the weeks that we had at the begging of my experience in the field. But I miss you and again I am always thinking and praying about you and hope that everything is going well and hope that you are doing well. Love you and miss you a lot.

Your loving Son/Elder,

Elder Orton


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