September 5, 2017


Nelson - BC


Elder Darren Davis

Week 8, BC

Hey mom wow i can't believe that Hannah is leaving and man that Benson is home wow man it has been a long time. That is awesome that you are loving your calling and how you can touch peoples life. Man that is kinda weird i guess to teach others about our lingo i guess you can say. But yeah man that is going to be an experience. And yes i could hear the voice recording that you sent me. But this is how my week went :

Wednesday- We did our exchanges with the other companionship in our district and i went to creston with Elder Giffing and we did some good things we went and stopped in with a member and we went and did some stop byes. But then we went to dinner on a FLDS community and the family was the nicest and funniest family i have meet in that area so far. But there oldest son is freaking hilarious he is at that point where he just dose not care what comes out of his mouth and it was pretty funny the things that we talked about. But yeah after that we went to a members house that we also so nice. The husband just got released from Elders quorum president and he was cool they were like when we walked in who is that guy. and we told them that we are not there for long. But then we went to the creston pad and just somewhat unwind before we fell asleep.

Thursday- was ok but we got up and did studies and it was good then Elder Davis got there and we did some weekly planning and we got lunch as a district and it was good and after that we went to Sparwood to stay with the other elders that were also training and it was a good ride but a little long and man it was so good. But we made a stop in cranbrook just to get out of the car and talk so we did and then we got in the car and made the rest of the trip. Then we got there. Then we spent the night there and man i was tired like non other.

Friday- It was good but we left so early and it was just like this is forever. Then we made it to the church that the meeting was held at and we got some good info. on what that we can work on and i took it to heart and see how i can better my self. Then we had the lunch provided and that was good and we then went to the mall to go get our coats. and man i was impressed with the mall there and just like wow. But after we did that for a little bit. We did a surprise visit to a pad there in Calgary of a couple of Spanish elder Nice guys i have to say. Then after we got in the car and made the journey home and it was a long one. But we got in our car and made the drive to cranbook and made our night there and man it is always a cool time to spend with our ZL.

Saturday- It was a good one but i think it was a little rough. Because i got those feelings that came to me again that happened when we first came out. But that was a little rough for me but i eventually got over those feelings and man i think the cause of those feelings are 1) long trips that i feel like i need to stay. 2) Satan getting in my head and telling me remember those feelings that you had the first time lets bring those back. then after that we did some studies and some grocery shopping. and did our stuff for the day. Then we headed to our dinner appointment. That dinner appointment was fun and filled with laughs and it was a great experience to throw me back into the mood that made me feel more comfortable.

Sunday- Man i was looking foreword to Sunday and man it is the best thing in the world. But we did our studies and did that. Then drove to church and we had sacrament meeting and that was awesome to have. I bore it on the atonement and it was awesome. But then i invited the ward to do one thing and it was this take time at the end of the day and look back on the day adn see how the atonement helped you in the day. Then is got so many thank yous from the ward and they are so kind to me and i am blessed to have a ward that is caring for me and knows that i am going through a rough time in my life with a hole new change and they support me 100%. and grateful for that. Then we had the rest of church and it was great. then went home and relaxed and did some studies. then after that we did some LA stop byes and then headed to dinner and the dinner was with our ward mission leader. and man our Ward mission leader loves us and man i am thankful for that.

Monday- So we got up and did our morning things that we did and then headed to District meeting and man it was fun and always nice to talk to other missionaries and just to have a convo. Then after that we went to our corn roast that the ward does every year and it was good. it was nice to go out and talk to the members and to get to know them better. then we were there for a little bit and it was good then went back to the church and did our comp. studies and other things then went did stop byes and went to dinner.

But yeah it was a little tough. But yeah next Thursday starts 2 transfer. BOOM! man that is crazy to think about and it is going to be a very fast one as well only a 5 week and then me or Elder Davis leave. But thanks for all of the support and love that you give me and I miss you guys so much and love you all.


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