August 29, 2017


Nelson - BC


Elder Darren Davis

Week 7, BC

Hi mom it has been well and a crazy week. but to answer your question no i am ok without any recipes. yeah it was good talk to him. But i will see him again this week as me and Elder Davis head up to Calgary for retainers. Yeah that is a good way to put it how everyone stayed and i got some what exiled. But it has been better a lot. Yeah we still are working with Joe and have not gotten back yet because of his and our scheduled but he is not pushing us away at all which is nice. But still trying to find the few that are ready. it is about time that Kassandra did that. But this is how our week went:

Wednesday- So we spent the day in Cranbrook and did our exchanges with the ZL's and it was good and we did our studies and then we did our service at the local food bank but yeah they were all so nice and welcoming.Then we ate lunch back at their house and got into uniform, which i mean is church clothes and some people think that we were this 24/7 and that is why they think it is a uniform. But then we drove somewhere and did tracting around the area and when we were walking someone yelled out their car and i quote "We love Satan" and we were just like ok and just somewhat laughed. Then as knocking doors we ran into a JW (Jehovah Witness) and he was not a guy that we got into an argument into religion. But he was nice and told us he was ok and happy where he is now. But then we went to one last house and the lady let us in and was so nice and is not of our faith but does love talking with us then had a good conversation. Then after that we headed back to our house.

Thursday- So weekly planning day. But we did our studies and did some shopping because we weren't not town. Then after we got our food we went back to the house and it was good. We did our comp. study and 12 week. That was good as well. Then we did weekly planing and that was good to do but we decided to take a break and man that was probably the longest time. because I just broke down crying and had homesickness but i did talk to myself a little bit then i prayed to God and then i felt a little better then i read this quote from Adjusting to missionary life and it says "I have often said one of the greatest secrets of missionary work is work! If a missionary works, he will get the Spirit; if he gets the Spirit, he will teach by the Spirit; and if he teaches by the Spirit, he will touch the hearts of the people and he will be happy. There will be no homesickness, no worrying about families, for all time and talents and interests are centered on the work of the ministry. Work, work, work—there is no satisfactory substitute, especially in missionary work.” and that was good to read and a good reminder to lose myself in the work. Then we did some Less actives stop byes and that was good. we stopped by one and they are the nicest people and we got a dinner appointment out of it.

Friday- So we did our morning routine and then we went down to the soup kitchen and did our service and it was nice just to be serving others and to help out any way and to have just extra hands that come around. But the lunch we had there at the kitchen was so good and man i was in heaven. Then we came back to the church and got ready for the day and did our comp. study and 12 week and it was good experience. Then did some tracting in an area and went back to the house and chilled for 5 min. and then went to our dinner appointment and it was good to meet with the members and get to know them better and be able strengthen our relationship so we can get their friends as investigators but good to know that we are building up the trust here. Then we did some tracting and had a good convo with this German guy that told us that he respected us because that we are sharing somthing that could be hard to talk about. But then the last door we knocked we had a very interesting convo with this guy but to sum it up the guy was kinda ripping into us. because he in the GOD of Issac, Abraham, and Jacob. But he told us that we need to look at our belief and to see how that it was wrong. All i wanted to say was hey we respect you and your belief and we ask you to respect us and our belief. But as i started that he just interrupted. So then we just walked away and just remembered we are here because that we know this is the truth.

Saturday- We did our morning routine and did studies and we got a call about a move in Nelson and how they needed us to come help then we went up and helped there with the move and was good again to help people with the little things because if we didn't come she would have been there for 2 hours with them and was grateful us and our service and then we headed back to the house and got back there and did some tracting in the area and it was good. Then headed to out dinner appointment and then had a good time there and after that we did one LA stop by and they just got back from vacation but they told us to call and set up a time to come back. then we called it a day.

Sunday- We got up and did our personal study and then headed to church and got to church in trail and it was a very good size of people and it felt good to know that there are still people out here strong in the faith. Then after church we headed back home and as we got home we took a little break and then did our comp.studies and 12 week then after that we went to the a members home to get some info on some people we have then after that we went back to the house and took a quick break and then we went to our dinner appointment with our ward mission leaders home. Our ward mission leader is a nice guy and id very funny and very loving to the missionaries.

Monday- So again we got up and did our daily routine and got ready for district meeting in Creston. Then we got to Creston church we got there and as we did our DTM i had a training on a point on the doctrine of Christ and i picked Enduring to the end. It was a good training in my mind because i personalized it to the guys in my district because the are close to going home and it was good for them i guess because i don't know how i touched their life. but then we had lunch back at the creston home and chilled for a bit and then we went back to our area. Then as we got back to the house and took a break before we hoped into comp.studies and 12 week. Then after that we went to our dinner appointment and had a good time and grateful for the love of the ward to me and Elder Davis. Then after dinner we went and did tracting and the last house we knocked on before i even said a word the lady said " because what it says in 2 John i am not going to talk to you" then closed the door and as we were walking back to the car i looked at 2 john and found out why she did not talk to us. But i invite you to read why she did not let us talk.

Thanks again for everything you do i keep you in my prayers and i do miss you and i love you endless.


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